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    1. The Vodafone Access Gateway will boost indoor mobile phone coverage for customers who today, find they need to move around the rooms in their home to get a consistent signal strength.
      Ian Shepherd in Vodafone Access Gateway femtocell announced - SlashGear
    2. We won't be pushed by [Vodafone's] announcement…There is not any firm launch plan that I can disclose now.
      In Femtocell market update for week of 22 June 2009 – part 1 « 3G In ...
    3. As this unit was recently launched at the beginning of July in the UK, we were curious to understand how this product compared to CDMA femtocells that have been launched in the US by Sprint and Verizon Wireless. The design is much simpler and the level of integration is significantly higher. Our biggest concern is the disparate pricing that Vodafone has established between retail consumers and enterprise customers for this product in the UK. The difference is roughly twice the price in local currency for enterprise customers.
      In EJL Wireless Research Adds the Vodafone Access Gateway W-cdma ...