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    1. We've created reference designs in the past and now we're moving to a complete solution by adding the application layer on the framework.
      In Radisys Announces New Trillium TOTALeNodeB LTE Small Cell Solution
    2. Battlefield cellular networks require all-inclusive solutions that must meet the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense suppliers.
      In BTS and Radisys Demonstrate the Viability of Mobile 4G LTE
    3. We are excited about the time-to-market, performance and cost benefits that this jointly developed solution brings to our customers.
      In Mindspeed, ArrayComm LLC and Continuous Computing Collaborate to ...
    4. The femtocell will play a key role in LTE network rollout plans.
      In Femtocells could be vital to LTE deployments
    5. For these reasons, operators are actively considering how best to exploit femtocells for LTE.
      In Femtocells could be vital to LTE deployments
    6. We are on the cusp of 3G femtocell deployments today with the technology maturing now.
      In Femtocells could be vital to LTE deployments