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    1. We won't stop delivering for our IoT/M2M customers, so T-Mobile is preparing our network for the massive growth of new Internet of Things devices that have improved coverage, lower cost and extended battery life.
      In Vodafone, AT&T, others look to new LTE-based technology to drive Internet of Things - FierceWireless
    2. We believe this outlook could prove conservative as the company does not account for any increased activity from FirstNet and Mexican wholesale network (AT&T), 600 MHz build (T-Mobile, AT&T and others), (and a) new master lease agreement (Verizon).
      In American Tower beats expectations in Q1, but still mulling small cell market - FierceWireless
    3. The 4G LTE CellSpot doesn't provide restricted access. Other T-Mobile customers within the device coverage range can also access the 4G LTE CellSpot coverage.
      In T-Mobile’s network extender lets anyone use your Internet bandwidth