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    2. Global LTE Base Station Market 2017-2021 - Focusing Key Market Companies (Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Nokia, ZTE)

      ...urther provides revenue segmentation based on the type of base stations such as microcell and small cell. The small cell segment is further divided into four segments, namely femto, micro, metro, and pico cells. The repo...
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    1. Small cells are a crucial part of networks in the future, and we have shown that our approach can be extended to both 2G and 4G.
      Nigel Toon in Femtocells support mobile phones in developing nations
    2. Just like femtocells, the true value of LTE small cells is in their Intelligence, which minimises OPEX and maximises scalability.
      In Ubiquisys works with CTTC on open LTE femtocell platform
    3. The small cell market has arrived and is growing with traction and the mobile operators around the world are beginning to deploy small cells
      In Small Cells Hit the Big Time