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    SK Telecom (Hangul: SK텔레콤 or 에스케이텔레콤) is a South Korean mobile telecommunications operator, controlled by the SK Group, one of the country's largest chaebol.

  5. Quotes about SK Telecom

    1. SK Telecom is very active in the development of 5G technologies, which will be an extension and evolution of our LTE network.
      In Ericsson, Qualcomm demo LTE-Unlicensed
    2. Once commercialized, SK Telecom expects the Smart Wake-Up technology to substantially enhance efficiency in networking equipment operation by achieving both network quality improvement and energy saving.
      In SK Telecom, Ericsson test Smart Wake-up to manage small cell traffic
    3. This trial aims to demonstrate fair and harmonious coexistence of LAA with Wi-Fi in unlicensed spectrum. This is also a manifestation of Qualcomm Technologies' and SK Telecom's leadership in leveraging the latest technologies to improve user experience.
      In Qualcomm (QCOM), Sk Telecom Announce First eLAA Over-the-Air Trial