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    Qualcomm (QCOM) is a wireless telecommunications research and development company based in San Diego, California.

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    1. The market is moving fast, what is important to know is that the main chipset manufacturers, like Qualcomm, have already integrated or decided to integrate the UMA stack in their chipsets. This is a very important sign, and the handset manufacturers are following. Every quarter we have another handset manufacturer joining the UMA club.
      Georges Penalver in Mobile Industry Split Over UMA Versus Femtocells
    2. We like Qualcomm because as a strategic player in the industry they are very well connected to the carriers. They've go their finger on the pulse and we can tap into that knowledge and judgement.
      In A year in mobile: network - Going broadband
    3. AirWalk and Qualcomm have worked closely together over the past two years to define the important elements of femtocell products.
      In AirWalk Communications Among First to Develop CDMA Femtocells Using Fsm ...