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    Qualcomm (QCOM) is a wireless telecommunications research and development company based in San Diego, California.

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    1. This new collaboration will provide ITRI early access to Qualcomm Technologies' key 5G small cell technology, including the creation of industry-grade quality assurance capability for communication protocol product and a live network test bed to enable product testing and performance verification under real world environment prior to product launch field trials.
      In Qualcomm, ITRI prep 5G NR-enabled small cells - Telecom Asia
    2. The market is moving fast, what is important to know is that the main chipset manufacturers, like Qualcomm, have already integrated or decided to integrate the UMA stack in their chipsets. This is a very important sign, and the handset manufacturers are following. Every quarter we have another handset manufacturer joining the UMA club.
      Georges Penalver in Mobile Industry Split Over UMA Versus Femtocells
    3. For the past two years, as Qualcomm and its partners developed LTE-U, we have had an ongoing dialogue with the Wi-Fi community to ensure that LTE-U does not cause any adverse impact on Wi-Fi.
      In Wi-Fi Alliance presents coexistence guidelines; LTE-Forum revises ... - FierceWireless