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    1. As operators move on scaling their hetnet deployments a few things are critical.
      In Hetnet: New software solution from AirHop features SON
    2. Ericsson LAA also incorporates fair sharing within the 5 GHz band, to accommodate traditional Wi-Fi users. Fair sharing works on the principle that Wi-Fi and LAA users would have equal access to the spectrum.
      In Ericsson Moves to Improve Mobile Data Speed with LAA Solution
    3. Recognizing that small cell networks require their own planning and design tools, the market has moved to supply these tools. iBwave's contribution with Vodafone stood out for its focus on 3D visualization along with the real world proof points Vodafone provides.
      In Real world deployments lead the way in The Small Cell Forum Awards 2014
    4. From a marketing standpoint, it's a slam dunk.
      In LTE-Advanced Is the Real 4G
    5. Small cells have quickly become a recognised part of carrier network plans for both metro area and residential services.  Still, despite a good deal of focus, the challenges of the corporate environment have been tougher to meet.
      In SpiderCloud deepens enterprise small cell integration with Mindspeed
    6. With femtocell deployments already extending into the hundreds of thousands, and in the future millions, automated performance management and fault diagnostics isn't just important, it's critical. ip.access is leading the way in this space by allowing operators to intelligently examine live data to improve their services.
      In Femto Forum Announces Winners of the Femtocell Industry Awards 2011
    7. The bigger the cell site, the less capacity per person you have.
      In 3G and 4G Wireless Blog: What are Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets)?
    8. Until now an HSPA-capable basestation with 32 or 64 channel Release 8 LABS specification would have been called a
      In Femtocell chip gains channels, blurs definitions | Product ...
    9. So far they've got major deals with ZTE and Airwalk (for CDMA2000) and ip.access for WCDMA.
      In Femtocells lure embattled net operators
    10. AT&T will deliver an example of broad-scale service deployment with complex spectrum planning. Softbank will be watched for insights into the
      In Femtocells lure embattled net operators