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    1. It just seems to me that as carriers—especially wireless operators—look for a competitive advantage in the market, they should try to get proprietary access to key technologies instead of waiting for Nokia to take two to three years to figure it out and then sell it to all comers.
      In Carriers Buy into Startups to Boost Their Networks
    2. The success of ASTRA2Connect since its launch over two years ago demonstrates that the system is ideal for homes and businesses in remote areas with limited or no terrestrial DSL access. So we are delighted to be working with Pirelli Broadband Solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks to deliver indoor 3G coverage to households where there is no terrestrial reception. I am confident this collaboration will be highly successful.
      In Astra2Connect adds home 3G - Rapid TV News
    3. This new agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks on using its Mobile Packet Core solution will give Optus the flexibility to provide more bandwidth to our customers as required, especially as online applications and mobile working has become the norm.
      In Optus picks Nokia Siemens for core