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    2. Cavium, Continuous Computing and Picochip Announce First "user-to-core" LTE Small Cell Demonstration at Femtocells World Summit

      ...We're delighted to have successfully demonstrated that our LTE solution is both capable and compatible," said Nigel Toon, Picochip CEO. "Our system-level approach to LTE basestation design gives our customers a low-risk ...
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     Nigel Toon has been appointed President and CEO at wireless chip company picoChip (Bath, England)


    1. In 2010 we have seen dramatic growth in our business, and we expect to sell one million femtocell chips this year.
      In Picochip expands with growth in UK and China
    2. Brilliant continues to gain market recognition and validation through global deployments of its timing and synchronization solutions.
      In Brilliant Telecommunications Announces Availability of NTP Client Intellectual Property License for picoChip's ...
    3. The pool of talent and expertise in wireless technology development within India is astonishing.
      In UK And India Launch ICT Innovation Programme
    4. Our tests have shown a dramatic contrast between femto and macro performance for LTE of some 8:1. This is because LTE uses a variety of techniques to squeeze the most out of the radio spectrum. Modulation using 64QAM needs very high signal to noise ratios to achieve the peak data rates seen in lab tests, and performance benefits drop off quickly with range in real world scenarios,
      In picoChip sees commercial LTE femtocells by 2011
    5. Mobile networks have traditionally been designed for voice traffic.
      In Femtocells can answer mobile signal woes
    6. The thing people were really concerned about was, can femtocells be deployed without interfering with the rest of the network? That's now been proved.
      In Femtocells can answer mobile signal woes
    7. But they allow you to distribute many more cells in the network, so you're effectively reusing the spectrum in the network many more times and getting more capacity and more coverage.
      In Femtocells can answer mobile signal woes
    8. These recent customer wins help to underline that the femtocell market is gaining real commercial momentum.
      In picoChip announces six new femtocell customers, bringing the total using ...
    9. As of today, picoXcell offers the most complete and fully proven solutions in the femtocell market.
      In picoChip Delivers the Most Complete Range of Next Generation ...
    10. As our volumes increase, from thousands of units last year to millions next year, the industry value chain shifts.
      In picoChip Lands $20M, Updates Products