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    Lucent Technologies was a technology company composed of what was formerly AT&T; Technologies, which included Western Electric and Bell Labs. It was spun-off from AT&T; on September 30, 1996.

    Lucent merged with Alcatel SA of France, to form Alcatel-Lucent on December 1st, 2006. [http://www.lucent.com/press/0406/060402.coa.html]

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    1. This is a significant win for Alcatel-Lucent and its lightRadio technology, but more importantly dispels the notion of small cells being hyped, and that heterogeneous networks represent a major shift in mobile radio network architecture
      Aditya Kaul in Sprint’s Metrocell Move Should Bring 5 Million Shipment Bonanza By End 2013, Says ABI Research
    2. We are pleased that Alcatel-Lucent has chosen Brilliant's end-to-end network synchronization solution for their Femto BSR product.
      In AlcaLu, Brilliant Sync Femtos
    3. This small cell solution is the very first of its kind in the Mongolian telecom sector. By adding capacity and coverage exactly where it is needed Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio small cell technology has opened up the possibilities for expanding our business relationship with G-Mobile.
      In Alcatel-Lucent and G-Mobile deploy lightRadio small cells in Mongolia