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    3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), is the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree that previously realized the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSxPA network technologies.[1] It is a project of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), operating under a name trademarked by one of the associations within the partnership, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

    The current generation of mobile telecommunication networks are collectively known as 3G (for "third generation"). Although LTE is often marketed as 4G, first-release LTE is actually a 3.9G technology since it does not fully comply with the IMT Advanced 4G requirements. The pre-4G standard is a step towards LTE Advanced, a 4th generation standard (4G)[2] of radio technologies designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks. LTE Advanced is backwards compatible with LTE and uses the same frequency bands, while LTE is not backwards compatible with 3G systems.

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    1. LTE will usher in a new generation of bandwidth-intensive mobile applications and services that requiresolutions thatguarantee a secure and high quality user experience.
      In Continuous Computing Launches First End-to-End Product Suite for ...
    2. We will see some macro network deployment of LTE.
      Nadine Manjaro in ABI Research Predicts Initial LTE Architecture to Picocells ...
    3. A key value behind our Security Gateway is its ability to be integrated with other network functions, such as PDSN, GGSN, SGSN, while providing a smooth network migration path to 4G networks such as LTE.
      Ashraf Dahod in Starent Unveils Security