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    International Business Machines Corporation (abbreviated IBM, nicknamed "Big Blue"; IBM) is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA.

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    1. We count on our Federal CTO to play two important roles: to be a technical leader in conversations with our clients and our partners, and to make sure we exploit on behalf of our clients all the wide-ranging technical skills and capabilities that IBM has. Dave's experience in IBM Research as a lab director and division VP gives him a good foundation in our core technology, and his roles in our services, sales and software business over the last 10 years allow him to share deep insights with our clients about how our technologies and services can deliver value to business and mission problems.
      In Top 10 CTOs offer their Tech Forecast for 2009
    2. We are working to solve the size barrier and look forward to developing antenna technology with IBM that will open up possibilities for new uses.
      In Ericsson, IBM to jointly develop 5G antennas
    3. Our solutions are helping enterprises use the combined prowess of IBM and Docker technologies to create and manage a new generation of portable distributed applications that are rapidly composed of discrete interoperable Docker containers, have a dynamic life cycle, and can be deployed across the public cloud and on-premise cloud centers.
      In Docker Announces General Availability of Comprehensive Commercial Solutions