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    1. Cambridge Communication Systems has taken an innovative architectural approach to the significant challenges of backhaul dense small cell networks, and has taken part in real world trials with very positive results.
      In Real world deployments lead the way in The Small Cell Forum Awards 2014
    2. Femtocells make an enormous difference to mobile phone reception. They are very impressive. In my own experience in South London, my 3G coverage went from 1 bar to 7 bars at my home. I now have full coverage at my house. It's far better than wi-fi coverage.
      In Mobile phone 'not-spots' zapped
    3. TI is the leading silicon supplier for mobile base station products, so its commitment to femtocell is good for the market as whole.
      In TI Dives Into Femtos
    4. How to do voice over LTE will become more of an issue.
      In FMC Player Lands $15.5M