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    Femto Forum

    Femtocell industry organization

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    1. There is work within the industry to ensure all this works with the best performance and security, with Femto Forum supporting a major effort. What we will see is a minimum performance level specified that OEMs will still be able to improve on.
      Rupert Baines in PicoChip targets femtocell 'sniffer' opportunity
    2. As the earliest member of Femto Forum, Huawei has been committed to femtocell R&D; since 2005 and our focus now is to play an active role in the commercial deployment of this important technology worldwide in partnership with the industry. We are proud to have already played a key role in developing the world's first commercial 3G femtocell network.
      In StarHub selects Huawei to deploy 3G femtocell network - Computer ...
    3. As the early standard-bearer of femtocells picoChip is proud to support the Femto Forum and The FemtoZone at this year's Mobile World Congress.
      Nigel Toon in picoChip Joins ‘FemtoZone’ at Mobile World Congress 2009