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    1. We see Ericsson's Radio Dot solution as the right fit to our commitment to continuously improve the mobile service experience for our customers.
      In XL Axiata to deploy small cells from Ericsson - Telecom Asia
    2. By integrating BelAir Networks' talented people and these new assets into Ericsson's mobile infrastructure leadership, we will accelerate the integration of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies and strengthen our heterogeneous network (hetnet) offering.
      Johan Wibergh in Ericsson Closes BelAir Acquisition
    3. The rapid growth of 4G subscriptions has exceeded our expectations. We see a huge data demand, and shifting consumer behavior to more data-centric services. We are pleased to keep leveraging Ericsson's global practices to offer the best-of-breed mobile network, advance user experience and to develop applications for enterprise customers.
      In Ericsson to support Chunghwa Telecom's LTE expansion