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    Embarq Corporation, or EMBARQ is the fourth largest local exchange carrier in the United States (below the Baby Bells) and the largest independent local provider, serving customers in 18 states and providing local, long distance, high-speed data and wireless services to residential and business customers. It is formerly the local telephone division (LTD) of Sprint Nextel. It is owned by the same people who owned Sprint Communications before the Sprint PCS merger with Nextel. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EQ. First year total shareholder return exceeded 50%.

    The Las Vegas, Nevada, metropolitan area is its largest market. The company consists of approximately 18,000 employees.

    Telephone directories for EMBARQ customers are published by R. H. Donnelley AKA Dex.

    Approximately $6.5 billion in debt was transferred from Sprint Nextel to the new company at the time of the spinoff. EMBARQ produces more than $6 billion in revenues annually.

    EMBARQ trademarks are the property of a subsidiary named Embarq Holdings Company LLC. The actual name of the publicly traded holding company is Embarq Corporation.

    It began trading on the NYSE on May 18, 2006, under the ticker symbol "EQ."