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    AT&T; Inc. (T) is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services, wireless service, and DSL Internet access in the United States. Formerly SBC Communications, Inc., the company shed its name and took on the iconic AT&T; moniker and the T stock-trading symbol (for "telephone") after its acquisition of American Telephone & Telegraph Company (later known as AT&T; Corporation).

    The new AT&T; includes eleven Bell Operating Companies, and the long distance division. While it reconstitutes much of the original parent company, the new AT&T; Inc. lacks the vertical integration of the historic AT&T; Corp. which prompted the antitrust suit and breakup in 1984.

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    1. Thanks to Governor Dayton signing legislation that encourages companies to invest more in wireless infrastructure, AT&T is accelerating its wireless build out plans in Minnesota with tens of millions of dollars dedicated to mobile network enhancements in the state.
      In New Law to Accelerate AT&T Deployment of Small Cell Technology and...
    2. AT&T has immolated itself with network capacity issues.
      Scott Ellison in AT&T Defends Network, Lays out HSPA Plans
    3. If you're questioning whether AT&T will be left behind by our competitors who are in a rush, the answer is no.
      John Donovan in AT&T Defends Network, Lays out HSPA Plans