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     Director, Femtocell programme, NEC Europe


    1. In the last six months alone, we have seen a rapid increase in the need for small cell systems that can scale beyond 7-10 access points.
      In NEC, SpiderCloud See Small-Cell Action
    2. We are honored to win a coveted Femto Forum Award and continue to be at the forefront of the femtocell industry, developing innovative solutions that enable mobile operators to provide high-quality, premium mobile services for their customers.
      In NEC Wins Femto Forum Award 2011 for Social Vision
    3. Femtocell offers new revenue streams for mobile operators which strengthens the business case for mobile operators to offer the high-performance indoor coverage that femtocell brings.
      In NEC and PacketVideo to demonstrate new mobile media apps for ...
    4. Our collaboration with Airvana is a step forward to our goal of providing a true multi-vendor environment to mobile operators.
      In NEC, Airvana to Bring a Standards-Compliant Femtocell Solution to Market