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    1. There is a big drive toward small cells in the network.
      In 4G World: IP.Access unifying femto, small cell gateway
    2. We are further extending our nano3G solution with our own C-class product as a natural complement to our existing S-Class and E-Class 3G units.
      In Femtocell will support eight phones simultaneously
    3. OysterCatcher is a highly innovative solution to the real-world problem of scaling femtocell deployments into the millions.
      In ip.access wins Femto Forum award
    4. You've got this sort of battleground emerging at enterprise and public access metro level environments where operators like the idea of scaling up the femtocell because it uses cheap IP backhaul, the cost of the kit is low and it offloads the RNCs. On the other hand you've got the macro vendors pushing down into that space, arguing that with their traditional architectures you get the benefits of soft handover, and other things that femtos can't do. The two sides are converging on the metro network level.
      In Small cells are getting bigger
    5. I don't think Ericsson felt threatened by residential femtocells.
      In Small cells are getting bigger
    6. Using a femtocell to personalize supplementary service codes is a new and unique idea. It enables the mobile phone to become a powerful controller for all kinds of applications in the home. And because it's a network-enabled feature, it works with any handset. There are no applications to install.
      In Enjoy and Smile: One application for Femtocells
    7. They just don't want to be the first to go.
      In Femtocell domino effect on the cards
    8. T-Mobile installs (picocells) in large buildings, often where there's a problem in a particular part of the building such as underground car parks.
      In Picocells, Femtocells Offer Backhaul
    9. Femtocells can offer consumers more than just better 3G coverage at home.
      In ip.access Brings Femtocells into the Connected Home (23/7/2008)