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    marketing director for Mindspeed's multiservice access business unit


    1. Mindspeed is pleased to be able to share a demonstration of our Transcede processor with members of the 4G community.
      In Mindspeed to Promote Transcede, a Fully Integrated SoC for Macrocells and Small Cells at 4G World
    2. Our collaboration gives customers everything they need to quickly bring high-performance, well-differentiated basestation equipment to the LTE mobile-infrastructure market.
      In Mindspeed, ArrayComm LLC and Continuous Computing Collaborate to ...
    3. Next-generation 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks will require many different equipment platforms, from picocells and enterprise femtocells that might only support a handful of subscribers, to large macrocells capable of serving hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.
      In Mindspeed Extends Transcede Family with Highly Integrated Processors for Small ...