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    Mobile broadband infrastructure and femtocell vendor

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    1. Airvana is an innovator in the mobile communications industry and I'm excited to be joining the company as they apply their experience to the emerging femtocell market.
      In Airvana Names Laura Cranmer Vice President of Operations
    2. Airvana is one of the early pioneers of femtocells and a genuine innovator in the mobile communications industry. I fully expect that femtocells will change the way networks are built, so this is a very exciting time to be joining the company.
      Anil Chhabra in Airvana Appoints 20-Year Mobile Industry Veteran to VP of ...
    3. The activities we are undertaking at CTIA Wireless 2009 will showcase the many ways in which Airvana is leading the wave of innovation taking place in the mobile broadband market.
      David Nowicki in Airvana’s HubBub Bridges Mobile and Home Life at CTIA Wireless 2009