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    2. Ethernet will help small cells take off in the enterprise, says Airvana

      ...connect to a central controller, making the mini base stations easier and cheaper to roll out at the office. Airvana's next-generation LTE small cells for enterprises use Gigabit Ethernet to connect to a central control...
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    Mobile broadband infrastructure and femtocell vendor

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    1. A few months after demonstrating the World's first end-to-end LTE femtocell solution, Airvana continues to incorporate advanced features, such as SON, Plug N' Play, and inter-cell mobility, as we ready our LTE solution for deployment later this year.
      In Airvana to Demonstrate LTE Small Cell Technology
    2. With over a million units deployed in customer homes and offices, Airvana has the experience and technology to lead this exciting market.
      Randy Battat in Airvana focuses 100% on small cells after selling EV-DO business to Ericsson
    3. Airvana is now 100 percent focused on a huge growth segment of the wireless industry: small cells. Small cells address one of the most pressing problems in communications today, delivering huge amounts of network capacity for smart phones and tablets.
      Randy Battat in Airvana sells EV-DO macro-cellular business to Ericsson