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    1. Femtozone location based applications provide an enhanced value proposition in addition to the voice and data services which are being currently rolled out. By 2014, ABI Research expects 40 million unit shipments for femtocells. This presents an exciting market opportunity for innovative solutions like those from Rosum that solve problems of indoor positioning and synchronization, which are critical for mass-market femtocell deployment
      Aditya Kaul in Rosum's Alloy chip promises 'precise' location using TV signals ...
    2. Microwave spectrum bands are still the most widely used for backhaul links and equipment vendors are also providing various solutions to enhance the capacity of microwave backhaul links. Based on ABI Research's backhaul spectrum data analysis, microwave spectrum bands will remain the important option for mobile backhaul links.
      In Demand Rising in Millimeter Waves Bands for Mobile Backhaul, Says ABI Research
    3. We`re pleased to be recognized for the second time by ABI Research for the innovative solutions we offer carriers and customers across nearly every segment of the market.
      In Corning Named Top Vendor of Distributed Antenna Systems by ABI Research