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     The 3GPP sets 'WCDMA' family of standards for the mobile communications industry.

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    1. The 3GPP Iuh standard simplifies the integration of UMTS femtocell products into operators' core networks.
      Sanjeev Verma in Kineto, Airvana Complete Successful 3G Femtocell Interoperability Test
    2. The history of cellular is littered with companies that had extremely promising proprietary technologies but failed to achieve widespread adoption.  Put simply, the mobile operator community does not embrace non-standardized technologies.  The development of the 3GPP femtocell standard was momentous, but verification of the standard is required to enable mass market deployment.  Through the plugfest we are now a vital step closer to that target.
      Simon Saunders in Femto Forum Completes World's First Femtocell Plugfest
    3. NVIOT is where the leading 3GPP-based wireless equipment suppliers collaborate on standards-based interoperability.
      Nick Johnson in Ip.Access Contributes To Femtocell Plugfest Success