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    1. Network Equipment Manufacturers Try to Help Out Mobile Carriers

      Besides the phrase “there’s an app for that” and cities filled with people staring at small glowing rectangles, the rise of the smartphone in popular culture has brought a new sport to consumers,“bash the carrier.” As consumers are more and more addicted to/dependent on mobile data services, every failure to connect becomes an affront and, in the US, the idea of being forced to give up unlimited data plans turns into a battle cry. After spending much of the week of May 21st listening to executiv
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    2. The Future of Wireless is Wired

      The Future of Wireless is Wired
      Spectrum deficit will become a reality in the US in 2013 if we don't act soon. There is little debate that the Federal Communications Commission and the open spectrum auctions recently mandated by Congress will provide much needed breathing room to help avoid the imminence of a "spectrum crunch." But this on its own will ...
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    3. Damming the Digital River

      Damming the Digital River
      Damming the Digital RiverForbesPicocells and femtocells – smaller network nodes that cover less area – can effectively expand capacity for some users by reusing existing wireless spectrum. These mini cells work together as HetNets (heterogeneous networks) and will be a central ...
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    4. Tango Networks, AirWalk Communications and Tatara Systems Partner for ...

      Three leading unified convergence technology companies have collaborated to deliver a ground-breaking enterprise-focused fixed-mobile convergence solution employing femtocells. The three companies include Tango Networks(TM), specializing in seamless ...
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