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    1. Gimme a boost: 3 ways to make calls when your cellular signal is terrible

      Gimme a boost: 3 ways to make calls when your cellular signal is terrible

      In our increasingly connected age, it's frustrating to find yourself in a place where the cellular connectivity is weak to nonexistent. And that frustration only magnifies when you have to struggle with poor voice quality and dropped calls in your very own home. Geography, money, technology, and the different ways buildings are put together can all factor into why signals from the cell towers ...

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    2. Interest in small cells grows, but installation challenges abound

      Smaller base stations will offload mobile networks, but getting access to sites for them is proving to be a challenge Small mobile base stations are getting more attention as operators combat growing data volumes, but rolling out the equipment cost effectively is far from easy, Telefónica UK's chief radio engineer Robert Joyce said during a round table discussion organized by the Small Cell Forum. Use of small cells started in homes and now more operators are planning to use them in public areas
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    3. Small-cell, Wi-Fi backers advancing their technology

      Wi-Fi hotspots and small cellular radios could make life easier for both consumers and mobile operators, and powerful backers are lining up this week to show how they can maximize that potential. With next week's Mobile World Congress expected to put the spotlight on these new, hyper-local network elements, vendors and industry groups announced developments this week to make them more capable and interoperable. Fast-growing mobile data use is driving demand for equipment that can cover indoor sp
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