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    1. Small cells in the enterprise: it’s payback time!

      One of the key elements of Release Two: Enterprise is the independent business case that finds a compelling commercial argument for small cells in almost every enterprise context. In fact in all cases examined bar one the payback period for both the operator and the enterprise was found to be less than a year.

      So what sort of contexts are we discussing here?

      The business case paper, compiled by Real Wireless on behalf of the Forum, shows specific outcomes from financial analysis of six case studies. They include small, medium and large enterprises, a hotel, a specialist hospital environment and ...

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    2. Transforming the enterprise — and the small cell business

      Small Cell Forum’s Release Two: Enterprise is now available. What does this mean for you, the operator or vendor? It’s not an understatement to say that the work the Small Cell Forum’s members have done over the past year has produced a transformative package of documents that unlocks a significant commercial opportunity for both our industry and the enterprise community.

      This isn’t just about the potential market for small cells in offices. This release could — and will — help to accelerate the deployment of enterprise small cells in government buildings, hotels, retail outlets and hospitals, as well ...

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    3. Dallas, and beyond

      December is fast approaching, and with it the 25th Small Cell Forum plenary.

      The Dallas plenary, on the fifth and sixth of December, is the culmination of an extraordinary year for Small Cell Forum. One of the big events — coming right at the start of the year — was the very first deliverable in the new SCF program to drive operator deployments. Small Cell Release One: Home took a vast amount of learnings about residential small cells and brought them together in a comprehensive, easy-to-access package for the guidance of operators wanting to successfully launch the technology. The response was overwhelmingly ...

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    4. The backhaul effect

      It was soon after its release in February this year that the importance of the Small Cell Forum whitepaper Backhaul Technologies for Small Cells became clear: It immediately attracted a lot of attention — and quickly became one of the most downloaded parts of the Release One content. Seven or eight months since its launch it is still attracting strong interest.

      So why is backhaul such an important issue for small cells? Backhaul was perceived originally to be a major unknown in the deployment of small cells. The Small Cell Forum responded to that perception, first with the creation of the ...

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    5. A year of change and growth

      My first year as Chairman of the Small Cell Forum has coincided with an astonishing growth in awareness of small cells throughout the industry. Ninety-eight per cent of all operators now claim that small cells are important to the future of their networks. That need and demand will have an effect beyond the operator community and across the ecosystem. In fact it has already done so. Across-the-board awareness of small cells has skyrocketed throughout the year.

      Which is why I’ve been so busy — not just with plenaries, meetings and internal Forum business but with keeping analysts and reporters informed ...

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    6. The Deployment SIG: it’s about people, processes and tools

      Why was the formation of the Deployment Special Interest Group regarded as an important addition to the existing structure of the Small Cell Forum? It’s a valid question, the answer to which underlines the fast evolution of the small cell technology and business case. Put very simply, the idea of having a Deployment SiG was a response to a need expressed by the operator members of the forum: they wanted us to help them to explore in greater depth the challenges they could face when they started to plan, build and operate their networks. They then wanted us to ...

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    7. The right notes in the right order

      This year, and for the first time, I went to the SCF plenary meeting in Paris in two capacities. Chair of the Radio and Physical Layer Working Group, as many of you already know, was one. But I am now also Chair of the relatively recently formed Release Programme Steering Group.

      Why, you may ask, is a steering group required? Certainly it was not an obvious need when the Release Programme was first put in place. The more immediate requirement was to collect together all of the material that we had produced over the years of the existence of the ...

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    8. News round-up – no time to celebrate!

      It would be an understatement to suggest that small cells have been in the news lately. That, of course, is not unusual given the strong acceptance from many in the operator community of the need to support LTE rollout with small cells from the start, not to mention the enterprise and urban deployments under way or being mooted.

      However, the continuing diversity of approach (and business models) reported during the month of August may well be a source of amazement, even among hardened watchers of the small cell scene. For example Virgin Media’s announcement that free Wi-Fi will be ...

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    9. LTE World Summit – Discussing the Future of Small Cells

      Small cells continue to be synonymous with the move to LTE and that showed at LTE World Summit 2013 in Amsterdam this June.

      With over 2600 attendees from 124 countries representing 140+ different operator companies, including 98 of the world’s 100 top operators, this was the biggest LTE World Summit yet. What’s more, representation from the small cell industry was strong with many of our member companies exhibiting, illustrating the importance of small cell technology to the growth of LTE and future mobile networks.

      I delivered the opening keynote on the HetNet Track and this gave me a ...

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    10. Small Cells and Wi-Fi: Two sides of the same coin

      Towards the end of June, the GSMA’s Mobile Asia Expo was held in Shanghai. Arguably the biggest Asian mobile telecoms conference of the year, this year’s event attracted over 20,500 visitors from 77 countries representing the entire mobile value chain: operators, device manufacturers, equipment vendors, software developers and Internet companies.

      I was invited to give the small cell perspective on a panel looking at the ‘Small Cells and the Rise of Carrier Wi-Fi’ alongside representatives from some of the leading players in carrier Wi-Fi: Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless CEO; Dr. Bill Huang, General Manager at China Mobile ...

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    11. Small cells – the big picture

      The Small Cell Forum invited all 2013 Small Cell Forum Industry Award shortlisted companies to have a blog posted about their entry. This post is about the AirHop entry in the Enabling Technology category. Look out for more award posts in the coming days.

      Enabling technology is yet another of the terms that is going to be more and more current as small cells support — and possibly dominate — LTE rollout.

      There’s no doubt that AirHop Communications sees LTE as an opportunity for its offerings. The company, which develops advanced RAN intelligence software critical to the next wave of the ...

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    12. SPORT: changing the deployment game

      The Small Cell Forum invited all 2013 Small Cell Forum Industry Award shortlisted companies to have a blog posted about their entry. This post is about the Time Warner Cable entry in the Innovation in Commercial Deployment category. Look out for more award posts in the coming days.

      Given the demands already made on small cell deployment — demands that can only grow — the Small Cell Industry Awards category devoted to innovation in commercial deployment is hardly a matter for sport. It is, however, a matter for SPORT — or, more accurately Survey & Propagation On Remote Tablet, a novel small cell deployment ...

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    13. Small Cells World Summit - No time to relax

      The seventh of June may be a time to relax for some delegates to London's Small Cells World Summit — but the work of the Small Cell Forum will continue after the main event is over.

      So don’t book up that long weekend just yet. In any case Friday morning promises to offer a fair amount of diversion in the shape of the Small Cell Forum Release Two Enterprise Workshop. Starting at 9am and ending just before lunch it’s free and open to SCF members and conference delegates.

      More to the point, however, it focuses on a very ...

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    14. Addressing the deployment challenge

      The recently held fifteenth Transport Networks for Mobile Operators conference in London really embraced small cell backhaul. As vice chair, Backhaul SIG of the Small Cell Forum this made TNMO of particular interest to me so I was delighted to be asked to chair the afternoon session on the first day.

      The session was called Small Cells to Leverage the Benefits of New Backhaul Solutions — and that very positive message recurred often during the afternoon. It was also quite gratifying to note that many of the concerns — and indeed conclusions — of the recent SCF backhaul white paper and release programme ...

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    15. The Small Cell Industry Awards 2013: a truly astonishing response

      Since Small Cell Forum expanded its remit just over a year ago we’ve continued to attract new members from a broader diversity of sectors and activity has ramped up within and across our working groups.

      In fact, our name change was a response to a groundswell of initiatives that were taking place even before we extended our remit. Femtocells have been joined by picocells, microcells and metrocells in businesses, government buildings, high streets, villages, and even ships and planes in (to name just a few places) Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, the US, the UK at sea and ...

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    16. Join the backhaul conversation

      This week sees the publication of the SCF white paper Backhaul Technologies for Small Cells — and yes, the timing is deliberate. This year’s Mobile World Congress has already seen increasing discussion and debate around small cell backhaul and this document aims to offer as definitive an assessment as possible of the state of play in this complex and fascinating area of small cell deployment.

      Of course many of us have, for months and even years, been having conversations around the merits (or otherwise) of the technologies examined in the white paper — technologies like millimetre wave, microwave, sub-6 GHz licensed ...

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    17. Will Africa lead the way? - Richard Deasington, Chair, Small Cell Forum Rural SiG

      I admit to being excited about the potential of rural small cells. Of course SoftBank in Japan has been a pioneer in rural rollout. The operator has installed small cells in remote villages that would not normally be economic to serve, as the population and usage is too sparse to justify traditional infrastructure — but using more cost-effective small cells changes that calculation. And the same company is one of a number looking at the potential of small cells in the developing world.

       But where, you may say, is the mass market? Of course, it would be unwise to overplay this ...

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    18. Time to move out! - Richard Deasington, Chair, Small Cell Forum Rural SiG

      Extending rural and remote coverage using small cells sounds like a rather counter-intuitive concept. Where is the broadband connection if you happen to be in a meadow?

      And yet the business model for small cells in remote areas can be justified, although it rather depends on the area. Take backhaul. Some rural and remote small cell sites will be in locations accessible from existing operator backhaul infrastructure. Of course some won’t. Microwave or even satellite could fill the gap if the price is right.

      Which brings us to not one but two recent Small Cell Forum white papers. The ...

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    19. Small Cell Forum release programme: an essential — and exciting — initiative

      Twenty-seven important documents. Seven entirely new. A major piece of work on backhaul, another on the rural business case. Plus major updates of all our significant technical work to date. And all packaged up at scf.io with a comprehensive overview of all our residential outputs available for the first time.

      Why now? Well that’s easy enough to answer – we wanted to make all this available in time for MWC 2013. This is a major undertaking and we want to ensure it gets exposure to a wide audience as soon as possible. This is possibly the world’s biggest ...

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    20. LTE: more demands, more opportunities - Jorge Marcos, SistelNetworks, Hall Congress Square, Stand CS60

      Given that our output includes both the SN4G: 4G Network Simulator and the SN40 HeNodeB: LTE Femtocell, SistelNetworks has a strong interest in discussions about the effect of LTE on small cells. However, I do think we are very much reacting to mobile operator concerns. This year in particular there is much more interest in LTE across the mobile industry but especially from the operator side

      Many operators feel that LTE deployments will permit more, but more bandwidth-hungry, applications that will require much more network capacity. That capacity has to be much smarter. Operators need to put the network resources ...

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    21. It’s about productivity - Ronny Haraldvik, SpiderCloud Wireless (Hall 2, Stand 2A130)

      I’ve been going to this show for some 12 years. It is, pretty much, the only mobile operator show where operators and vendors get together and don’t just have meetings, but actually make decisions.

      This year, more than anything else, multi-mode, multi-access small cells will be a key focus. However, beyond the coverage and capacity questions I think this year more decisions will be made on what else can you enable. By that I mean not just generating new services for the operators but helping SMEs to do more with mobile. If I was going to use one ...

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    22. Taking small cells seriously - Stephane Daeuble, Small Cell and Flexi Zone, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks, (Hall 3, Stand 3B14)

      In my view last year marked a significant change: the first time that many vendors who were not in the small cell space started to talk seriously about small cells. Not just residential femto and outdoor micro for filling coverage gaps in urban areas; the list had expanded to include pico, micro, enterprise and public indoor space. Today there’s a resurgence of indoor generally: more and more operators are looking into how to provide services in the enterprise space for example.

       And there’s been a shift of emphasis from coverage to capacity. Vendors are coming up with their ...

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    23. Indoor cells go public - : Keith Day, VP marketing, Ubiquisys (demo suite 1 EMR.C1-7, Hall 1)

      There’s been a fundamental change since last year: small cells have become a mainstream technology. Small cells are driving a RAN revolution.

      It's not surprising therefore that many more different vendors are entering the market. Nor that the way the small cell ecosystem works is changing quite fundamentally.

      So what is — or should be — is the main focus this year? There are two; both are related to small cells in public spaces. The first is multi-mode small cells: 3G integrated with LTE integrated with Wi-Fi. How are they being blended together? How will they evolve? And how can ...

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    24. Rural small cells: a perfect storm? - Richard Deasington, Chair, Small Cell Forum Rural SiG

      There will be a lot of small cell stories at MWC. One story still developing is about using satellite as a backhaul mechanism to reach to rural and remote places that other technologies can’t reach.

      Power and siting problems can be overcome. But how do you get the traffic back from the middle of nowhere to wherever your gateway site is when there’s no fibre or microwave? Satellite answers that requirement.

      I’ve got the opportunity to tell that story in two presentations at the Small Cell Zone. As Chairman of the Rural Special Interest group in particular ...

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