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    1. LTE: more demands, more opportunities - Jorge Marcos, SistelNetworks, Hall Congress Square, Stand CS60

      Given that our output includes both the SN4G: 4G Network Simulator and the SN40 HeNodeB: LTE Femtocell, SistelNetworks has a strong interest in discussions about the effect of LTE on small cells. However, I do think we are very much reacting to mobile operator concerns. This year in particular there is much more interest in LTE across the mobile industry but especially from the operator side

      Many operators feel that LTE deployments will permit more, but more bandwidth-hungry, applications that will require much more network capacity. That capacity has to be much smarter. Operators need to put the network resources ...

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    2. It’s about productivity - Ronny Haraldvik, SpiderCloud Wireless (Hall 2, Stand 2A130)

      I’ve been going to this show for some 12 years. It is, pretty much, the only mobile operator show where operators and vendors get together and don’t just have meetings, but actually make decisions.

      This year, more than anything else, multi-mode, multi-access small cells will be a key focus. However, beyond the coverage and capacity questions I think this year more decisions will be made on what else can you enable. By that I mean not just generating new services for the operators but helping SMEs to do more with mobile. If I was going to use one ...

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    3. Taking small cells seriously - Stephane Daeuble, Small Cell and Flexi Zone, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks, (Hall 3, Stand 3B14)

      In my view last year marked a significant change: the first time that many vendors who were not in the small cell space started to talk seriously about small cells. Not just residential femto and outdoor micro for filling coverage gaps in urban areas; the list had expanded to include pico, micro, enterprise and public indoor space. Today there’s a resurgence of indoor generally: more and more operators are looking into how to provide services in the enterprise space for example.

       And there’s been a shift of emphasis from coverage to capacity. Vendors are coming up with their ...

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    4. Indoor cells go public - : Keith Day, VP marketing, Ubiquisys (demo suite 1 EMR.C1-7, Hall 1)

      There’s been a fundamental change since last year: small cells have become a mainstream technology. Small cells are driving a RAN revolution.

      It's not surprising therefore that many more different vendors are entering the market. Nor that the way the small cell ecosystem works is changing quite fundamentally.

      So what is — or should be — is the main focus this year? There are two; both are related to small cells in public spaces. The first is multi-mode small cells: 3G integrated with LTE integrated with Wi-Fi. How are they being blended together? How will they evolve? And how can ...

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    5. Rural small cells: a perfect storm? - Richard Deasington, Chair, Small Cell Forum Rural SiG

      There will be a lot of small cell stories at MWC. One story still developing is about using satellite as a backhaul mechanism to reach to rural and remote places that other technologies can’t reach.

      Power and siting problems can be overcome. But how do you get the traffic back from the middle of nowhere to wherever your gateway site is when there’s no fibre or microwave? Satellite answers that requirement.

      I’ve got the opportunity to tell that story in two presentations at the Small Cell Zone. As Chairman of the Rural Special Interest group in particular ...

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    6. The main event - Andy Germano, VP Americas, Small Cell Forum

      From the Small Cell Forum’s point a view a lot has changed since the last MWC. And not just our name. Last year many in the industry were still discussing going beyond femtos. Since then we've had operator announcements of large-scale deployments based on metrocells and microcells using femto technology. So we’ve actually gone from a name change to commercial deployments in the course of a year!   The commercialisation of the next stage of the technologies — the move to outdoor and public space-based units — is under way. Filling coverage holes is one driver but data offload leveraging ...

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    7. The 'Small Cell Zone' is set to take centre stage at Mobile World Congress 2013

      The Small Cell Forum is once again hosting the Small Cell Zone at Mobile World Congress 2013 where it will provide the definitive one-stop-shop for those wanting the very latest on small cells.
      The Small Cell Zone (Hall 7, Stand G74) will feature a daily schedule of public presentations from operators, vendors, analysts and other industry bodies on the major opportunities and challenges facing the small cell market – as well as a showcase of small cell solutions. Presentations will cover all the issues impacting the market ranging from technical challenges such as backhaul to operator case studies, market updates, vendor ...

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