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    1. Small Cell Forum Members receive discount on Small Cells Asia

      Carole Mayhew of Avren has written a guest blog to share what visitors can expect at the Small Cells Asia event in Singapore next week.

      Avren's Small Cells Asia event co-located with Carrier Wi-Fi Asia takes place next month in Singapore. The event is run in exclusively partnership with the Small Cell Forum and all members can save 20% on standard fees.

      The event boasts senior level speakers from operators including SK Telecom, Singtel, StarHub, M1, Softbank, KDDI, Chunghwa, Maxis Communications, Celcom Axiata Bhd, China Unicom, NTT DoCoMo, Telkom Indonesia, True Corporation and PT Telelomunikasi.

      StarHub are Host Operator ...

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    2. Small Cell Forum at the Competitive Carriers Association Expo

      The Small Cell Forum recently signed an MoU with the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA).  Both organizations recognize the importance of supporting regional carriers in their drive to deliver coverage to remote and rural communities and this is the focus of the collaboration. The first deliverable to come out of the agreement was a roundtable workshop at the CCA's recent Global Expo in San Antonio, Texas.

      Small Cell Forum CEO Sue Monahan provided Expo delegates an overview of the Forum and our activities, including the Release Program and recent operator inputs. The Chair of SCF’s Rural Special Interest Group ...

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    3. See you in Singapore...?

      Our Singapore plenary is fast approaching. It promises to be a significant meeting for anyone interested in the opportunities presented by the Asian market, Small Cell Forum Release Four, and the important work that's currently in progress to complete our Urban outputs.

      Many of the world's leading operators in the small cell space are based in the region and many more will be present for the Avren Small Cells conference, presenting an exciting opportunity to engage these players in the priority issues on the forum's agenda.

      APAC is set to lead the way with urban deployments for ...

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    4. A message from our audience: operators speak out on urban small cell market drivers and barriers

      One of the core features of the market drivers section of Release Three – and something of a departure for the Release Program – is a specially commissioned survey. Essentially, it outlines both the drivers and barriers that operators perceive as relevant to the rollout of urban small cells.

      It’s hardly giving away a secret to let you know that the main driver that operators pinpoint is capacity and the main barrier cited by operators is backhaul. What is very interesting are the other popularly cited drivers – a few of which may not come into play until some time after initial ...

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    5. Urban small cell market drivers that matter now – and that could matter soon

      So what exactly is driving the move for small cells from the home and business to the street, station and stadium? In a word: you. Mobile phone users are becoming mobile smartphone, tablet and laptop users. They’re working and communicating on the move. They’re making and uploading content as well as downloading it. Admittedly the rollout of LTE and LTE-advanced networks is helping them to pursue that aim but it’s also encouraging it.

      All of which is already making demands on most networks that few could meet for long without a drastic reassessment of network topology. Which ...

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    6. SCF awards will reflect rising commercial impact of small cells

      Caroline GabrielCaroline Gabriel, Research Director, Maravedis-Rethink

      Now the Oscars are over, the wireless industry can step up a gear. The Small Cell Forum Industry Awards has become a fixture on the calendar, and has won a reputation for an open and transparent process which the Academy Awards should envy. As a judge since the awards were set up, it is interesting to see how changes in the categories, and the companies vying to win, reflect wider change in the segment as a whole.

      In recent years, there has been an expanded focus in the awards categories, embracing public access and enterprise ...

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    7. New readers start here: how our overview paper can guide you through Release Three content

      When we decided to tackle the job of bringing together every possible piece of information and guidance that could help to advance an urban small cell market, our first question was “Where do we start?” Luckily, this isn’t a question that you, the members of the target audience for Release Three, need to ask.

      As well as a selection of papers that many of you will already know, covering general aspects of topics like backhaul and SCAPI, updated papers like 030 Small Cells – Big Ideas, and twelve new papers (with many more to come in Release Four), we have ...

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    8. Small Cell Network Design: How to make it Simple

      The process of planning, deploying and maintaining enterprise small cell networks needs to be significantly simplified in order for large scale deployments to be economically feasible.

      As with any new technology, small cells are poised to solve many of the issues facing the wireless industry at the moment but they also bring with them their own set of challenges. Based on discussions we’ve had with major players in the industry, the following challenges were recurring nearly everywhere we asked.


      1. Scale of Deployments
        The sheer scale of deployment that is being envisaged, and even ...
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    9. Enterprise small cells: the business of cellular

      Mobile World Congress is a matter of days away and Quortus is delighted to be participating once again on the Small Cell Zone at this year’s show: it is undoubtedly the place to be for anyone in Barcelona interested in hearing about small cells, boasting a speaker programme from across the ecosystem with a deep and varied knowledge base.

      Quortus will be presenting twice on the Small Cell Zone over the course of the event at 12.00 on Tuesday 25th February and 15.30 on Wednesday 26th February. Our CEO Andy Odgers, who served on the Forum’s ...

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    10. Small Cells Asia/Asia Plenary

      The next Small Cell Forum plenary will be held in Singapore 9–10 April 2014, with a board meeting on 8 April 2014. It will be co-located with Avren’s Small Cells Asia event, held at the same venue on 7–8 April 2014.

      Organized by Avren Events and in exclusive partnership with the Small Cell Forum, Small Cells Asia brings together the most important pioneers and experts in the industry. Avren have shared with us some of the key highlights of the event, and the news that StarHub have joined the event as host operator.

      StarHub joins Small Cells ...

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    11. Join Plugfest – bringing the small cell mass market closer

      Organized in partnership with ETSI for the 4th year running

      The small cell mass market is certain to happen. However, without greater interoperability – and thereby economies of scale – it will be delayed. Costs absolutely have to be minimized.

      That is the thinking behind the Small Cell Forum’s series of testing events – or Plugfests. Plugfests aim to bring closer an effective ecosystem of interoperable small cells, minimize costs and thereby speed time to market.

      The Plugfest series, organized in partnership with ETSI, has been strongly supported by operators and vendors. In fact each Plugfest has welcomed more equipment vendors, test ...

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    12. Getting ready for MWC 2014

      Mobile World Congress is less than three weeks away! Plans for the Small Cell Zone, brought to you by the Small Cell Forum, are coming together to create an impressive showcase of operators and vendors, complimented by analyst and guest contributions.

      The stand gives representation to members of the small cell community through a sponsorship package. Those members who have decided to sponsor make up the speaker agenda and have the ability to exhibit their products and services within the stand itself, which this year is in Hall 7, Stand F61.

      Visitors to the stand will have the chance to ...

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    13. A good marriage of small cells and satellite

      With just three weeks to go until Small Cell Forum hosts the Small Cell Zone at Mobile World Congress 2014, Hughes – who are one of the sponsors of the zone – share their expectations of the event.

      As one of the newest members of Small Cell Forum, Hughes is a strong believer in the use of small cells to bring access and an optimum user experience to everyone everywhere, especially those in areas with relatively low ARPU and impossible or not cost effective to be serviced by terrestrial infrastructure. We look forward to sharing information on how a good marriage / integration ...

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    14. Release Three: your guide to new markets and new revenue streams

      The Small Cell Forum Release Programme goes from strength to strength. Release Two: Enterprise is already on its way to overtaking the popularity of Release One: Home, which itself attracted more than 30,000 downloads. And the response to the content of Release Two — from operators, vendors and many other influential parties in the small cell ecosystem — has been overwhelmingly positive.

      They have also been involved in making it happen. The significant contribution to the Release Programme from members and supporters in working groups, SIGs and surveys has enabled us to make Release Two as authoritative and wide-ranging as it ...

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    15. Small Cell Forum Industry Awards 2014 – new categories announced

      The Small Cell Forum Industry Awards 2014 will be announced on Wednesday 11 June in London, as part of the Small Cells World Summit. This year, we have reviewed the categories in recognition of an expanded and increasingly dynamic small cell ecosystem. Judged by a panel of independent experts, the awards retain their absolute impartiality and credibility – a gold standard for the industry.

      Categories for public entry:

      1. Innovation in commercial deployment (operator)
      2. Small cell innovation leadership (open to all)
      3. Small cell access point design and technology innovation (vendor)
      4. Small cell network element design and technology innovation (open to all)
      5. Small ...
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    16. Release Two: Enterprise – Effective and in Demand

      Just over a week ago, we published Release Two: Enterprise and already we’ve seen a staggering amount of interest – over 7000 individual downloads and the number continues to grow by the day. Perhaps most impressive is the diversity of interest across the release, with the Enterprise overview, Enterprise small cell network architectures, Market status statistics, LTE synchronisation and Enterprise business case among the most popular.

      The volume of downloads we’ve seen surpasses all expectations. It demonstrates the currency of the Release program and the appetite for the content it delivers in the industry. It’s clear that companies ...

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    17. New and improved: the SCF members' website

      The new and improved Small Cell Forum members' website is now available to all full members with some important NEW documents which are only available here. The website provides access to the activities of all the separate working groups and allows you to keep on track of releases, events and news from the Forum.

      Returning visitors will  notice the improved look and feel of the general member area interface which holds information on our working groups and SIGs, contact details for the leadership and secretariat and plenary details. There is also a high-level calendar which will have key event information ...

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    18. Ready for the enterprise

      Release One: Home was quite an achievement. It did, however, have an advantage: it was drawing together materials and guidance developed over five years and related to an established use of small cells.

      Release Two: Enterprise is very different. While some of the deployment scenarios it discusses are up and running, the enterprise small cell market is still in its infancy.

      But the small cell enterprise market is going to be big. Even without the appearance of Release Two, the relentless advance of wireless communications devices into businesses, as well as shopping malls, stadiums, hospitals and transport hubs, would guarantee ...

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    19. Small cells in the enterprise: it’s payback time!

      One of the key elements of Release Two: Enterprise is the independent business case that finds a compelling commercial argument for small cells in almost every enterprise context. In fact in all cases examined bar one the payback period for both the operator and the enterprise was found to be less than a year.

      So what sort of contexts are we discussing here?

      The business case paper, compiled by Real Wireless on behalf of the Forum, shows specific outcomes from financial analysis of six case studies. They include small, medium and large enterprises, a hotel, a specialist hospital environment and ...

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    20. Transforming the enterprise — and the small cell business

      Small Cell Forum’s Release Two: Enterprise is now available. What does this mean for you, the operator or vendor? It’s not an understatement to say that the work the Small Cell Forum’s members have done over the past year has produced a transformative package of documents that unlocks a significant commercial opportunity for both our industry and the enterprise community.

      This isn’t just about the potential market for small cells in offices. This release could — and will — help to accelerate the deployment of enterprise small cells in government buildings, hotels, retail outlets and hospitals, as well ...

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    21. Dallas, and beyond

      December is fast approaching, and with it the 25th Small Cell Forum plenary.

      The Dallas plenary, on the fifth and sixth of December, is the culmination of an extraordinary year for Small Cell Forum. One of the big events — coming right at the start of the year — was the very first deliverable in the new SCF program to drive operator deployments. Small Cell Release One: Home took a vast amount of learnings about residential small cells and brought them together in a comprehensive, easy-to-access package for the guidance of operators wanting to successfully launch the technology. The response was overwhelmingly ...

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    22. The backhaul effect

      It was soon after its release in February this year that the importance of the Small Cell Forum whitepaper Backhaul Technologies for Small Cells became clear: It immediately attracted a lot of attention — and quickly became one of the most downloaded parts of the Release One content. Seven or eight months since its launch it is still attracting strong interest.

      So why is backhaul such an important issue for small cells? Backhaul was perceived originally to be a major unknown in the deployment of small cells. The Small Cell Forum responded to that perception, first with the creation of the ...

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    23. A year of change and growth

      My first year as Chairman of the Small Cell Forum has coincided with an astonishing growth in awareness of small cells throughout the industry. Ninety-eight per cent of all operators now claim that small cells are important to the future of their networks. That need and demand will have an effect beyond the operator community and across the ecosystem. In fact it has already done so. Across-the-board awareness of small cells has skyrocketed throughout the year.

      Which is why I’ve been so busy — not just with plenaries, meetings and internal Forum business but with keeping analysts and reporters informed ...

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    24. The Deployment SIG: it’s about people, processes and tools

      Why was the formation of the Deployment Special Interest Group regarded as an important addition to the existing structure of the Small Cell Forum? It’s a valid question, the answer to which underlines the fast evolution of the small cell technology and business case. Put very simply, the idea of having a Deployment SiG was a response to a need expressed by the operator members of the forum: they wanted us to help them to explore in greater depth the challenges they could face when they started to plan, build and operate their networks. They then wanted us to ...

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