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    1. SCF Reports on Clear Signs of Progress in Dallas

      SCF Chair Alan Law reports back from a busy week in Dallas.

      The caliber of those attending and giving up their time to chair sessions, make presentations and speak on panels resulted in an interesting and informative event. From walking the floor, speaking with exhibitors and SCF members, I felt fully justified in explaining to the journalists and analysts I met, that this is the year for Small Cells. As detailed in our report, it’s clear to me that we’ve moved on from the first phase of the small cell industry – the ‘why’ phase. What matters now to ...

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    2. As technology lines blur, so industry alliances come closer together

      Heterogeneous networking does not just drive multiple technologies to work together in harmony. It also demands the same from industry organizations – groups which once worked mainly in their own corners are now addressing common issues, and that is breeding a new spirit of cooperation. Our latest blog reports back from the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress in San Jose, October 2015.


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    3. Small Cell Forum to play key role in Mobile Edge Computing

      Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is an architectural approach which is likely to play a fundamental role in future networks, including 5G. Like any significant technology shift, it touches on many areas of the ecosystem, and is open to many interpretations. For this reason, it is vital that industry bodies work towards a common agenda, or risk damaging fragmentation.

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    4. A round up: State of the Market Workshop, Rome 2015

      A key part of the Champions Day was the State of the Market workshop, sponsored by Huawei. Nine companies shared their most recent deployment stories and technological innovation. The result was a picture of an industry that is experiencing real traction as well as significant roll-outs across a full range of use cases. In this blog, we summarise the key themes of the workshop.


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    5. Champions’ Day: 5GPPP Chief to provide unique insights into 5G + IoT

      The official standards process may not have begun, but 5G is a very real issue for most mobile operators already. After all, the first deployments could be as little as five years away, which in an MNO’s planning, is just around the corner. In that context, one of the sessions to be held next week at the Small Cell Forum’s Champions Day will be particularly essential for anyone trying to make sense of 5G and how it relates to real world business cases.

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    6. Champions' Day will mark a new phase in the Forum's work

      The Small Cell Forum is to hold its first ever Open Day on September 8th, during our 30th plenary meeting in Rome. This represents a dragonfly moment for the organisation – after so much hard work, much of it carried out under the surface, it is time for the Forum to come out of the chrysalis and show off its achievements in the full sunshine.

      The Champions' Day will celebrate what the Forum and its members have accomplished so far, while also providing inspiration to fuel future efforts, and to facilitate the new partnerships those will require. The event ...

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    7. Small Cells Champions Day – the hot topics

      We've invited every major European operator to a special open day 8 September in Rome. Our Small Cells Champions Day, the first day of our 30th Plenary, is open to both members and non-members. The aim is for small cell pioneers from the world's leading carriers to share their successes and deployment experiences in a state of the market workshop. We'll also be discussing the hot topics that comprise our technology roadmap. These are detailed below. If you would like to be part of this discussion, you can register here to join us. Or you can let ...

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    8. LTE in 5 GHz – too good a chance for small cells to miss

      By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Rethink Technology Research

      LTE in unlicensed spectrum – killer of the free spirit of WiFi, or enabler of new services and quality of experience in the 5 GHz band?

      The question was probably the most hotly debated one at the recent Small Cells World Summit in London, though the viewpoints varied markedly if one wandered from that largely cellular-oriented conference to its co-located event, the Carrier WiFi World Summit. And anyone who feared unlicensed LTE fatigue might have set in by Friday, when the Small Cell Forum held a workshop on the topic, need not have ...

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    9. Deployment stories: Small cells come to life

      At our recent Singapore plenary, we held a ‘State of the Market’ workshop which involved ten ‘TED’ style presentations covered recent breakthroughs in small cell technologies, deployment approaches and business models from our technology providers. Operators too shared examples of how they are using small cells to enhance performance, attract and retain customers.

      A selection of the presentations can be found here.

      Julius Robson, Release Coordinator, shares some of the key themes and highlights

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    10. Vodafone Foundation take rapid deployment small cell backpack to Nepal

      At Mobile World Congress in 2015 we were fortunate to have Justin Waller from the Vodafone Foundation presenting on our stand. The Foundation does some incredible work in establishing communications around the world, and Justin had with him one of their Instant Network kits that can fit into a backpack.

      This week has seen the foundation back in the news, responding to the tragic events in Nepal. Read more about it here »

      A timely reminder of how small cells can be used in the most challenging environments to make a real difference to people who need it the most.

      To ...

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    11. Small Cells Asia: A review

      On 20th & 21st of April, Small Cells Asia took place in Singapore. Asia is home to more small cell deployments than any other region, and is seeing data growth that means it will account for almost half of the world’s mobile data traffic in just a few years’ time.  Set against the background of a varied and fast moving market, expectations for the event were high – and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

      The event was attended by over 300 delegates with half of these representing some 42 different operator companies from 29 different countries. The event has doubled in ...

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    12. Small Cell Forum attend Small Cells Asia 2015

      Sue Monahan, CEO Small Cell Forum

      On the 20th to the 21st of April, Small Cells Asia will be taking place in Singapore. As one of the leading partners of Small Cells Asia, the Small Cell Forum recognises the importance of the event as demand for small cells in the Asia Pacific region is set to increase dramatically in the next four years.

      Asia is currently home to more small cell deployments than any other region, with over half a million small cell shipments in 2014 alone – ranging from solutions to provide high capacity data services to mass deployments, to ...

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    13. Virtualization: Not if but when

      Mark Grayson on how the Forum is addressing virtualization

      You can watch Mark Grayson’s webinar on Network Function Virtualization here.

      Virtualization – and in particular network functions virtualization (NFV) – is in some ways a relatively new subject: ETSI, for example, only began formal discussions of NFV in late 2012. However, it has been clear from an early stage that virtualization is a transformative technology, changing the way network infrastructure is deployed in numerous contexts.

      That is why, since last year the Forum has been discussing virtualization and how it affects and enhances small cell propositions for, let's be clear ...

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    14. Small cells make big impact at MWC

      Alan Law, Small Cell Forum

      MWC 2015 saw big strides forward in the successful commercialization of small cells, with technologies that were new in 2014 now moving into the mainstream. As well as our own exciting news on Release Five the range of small cell products and news announced was impressive:

      Alcatel-Lucent launched a new compact metro cell that is currently being trialled with a number of operators. The devices are 50% smaller than existing metro cells which provides more options for the discrete creation of HetNets to improve coverage and capacity, including integrating the device into street furniture.

      The ...

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    15. Small Cell Forum Singapore Plenary to share latest developments in Enterprise and Urban small cells

      Small Cell Forum will meet again for our Asian plenary in Singapore 22-23 April, as usual co-located with Small Cells Asia. We will be discussing critical industry issues including the impact of carrier requirement prioritization, virtualization and evolving our position on LAA. The meeting maintains a strong focus on commercialization through two ‘state of the market’ workshops which aim to share recent developments in Enterprise and Urban small cell deployments.

      We had some great presentations at the Small Cell Forum stand at MWC15 that showed just how fast things are moving in Enterprise and Urban small cell deployments. Our members ...

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    16. MWC through a brilliant filter

      One of the most amazing things about Instagram, the photo and video sharing social networking site, is the strength of filters you can use to enhance the vibrancy of an everyday image. So situations that are normal instantly appear brighter, bolder and more brilliant. It was like that with the Small Cell Forum stand at Mobile World Congress this year.

      It’s always an extremely busy and exciting event, but everything appeared more so this year. Our two storey stand – which allowed supporting members to host meetings – quite literally raised our normal position in Hall 7. Our speaker program was ...

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    17. Release Five and the quickening pace of technological change

      From the home, the enterprise, the street and the cafe to the remote village in the developing world and the offshore oil rig in the wildest seas: communications in any and every environment can use and be enhanced by small cells.

      That’s not an unfounded assertion. It’s backed up by a vast amount of work that Small Cell Forum’s members have done and are still doing to build and enhance our contributions to small cell technology, standards development and deployments.

      In recent years that work has been highlighted by our Release Program, a series of downloadable resources ...

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