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    1. TIA survey highlights 5G challenges, and why the Forum’s program is crucial

      A new survey highlights the gulf between mobile operators’ 5G ambitions and their deployment realities, especially when it comes to densification.

      The report, commissioned by the Telecoms Industry Association (TIA) and InterDigital, found that 33% of operators aim to start deploying commercial 5G services by 2020. However, this will only be possible if several challenges are addressed.

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    2. Calling hospitality players – a better mobile signal can transform customer satisfaction

      Hospitality is one of the industries in which a good mobile signal is most crucial to business success. Being able to make an unbroken voice or Skype call home is one of the most important ways in which customers rate their experience in a hotel or restaurant. If they have to go outside to get a signal, that can cancel out all the investments in luxury furnishings and attentive staff. Today, one-third of leisure travellers say they will not return to a hotel with inadequate wireless access, and this figure rises to 67% for business travellers. While nearly everyone in ...

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    3. Don’t miss out on the best chance this year to set the HetNet agenda

      A reminder from SCF Chair David Orloff, to register for the Cannes plenary

      Make sure you have your place secured at Small Cell Forum’s plenary meeting, to be held in Cannes in just two weeks’ time. This will be a vital event for all members to attend, and your chance to shape the Forum’s agenda for enterprise expansion and for the road to 5G. You can register here»

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    4. Small Cell Forum Helps Mobile Industry Deliver Practical and Profitable 5G

      Forum’s work helps operators plot path to densification for today’s 4G and future 5G networks

      Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – 28 February 2017 – SCF has today published a series of practical working guides to make densification using small cells a commercial reality, both for today’s 4G and for future 5G networks. These latest outputs go further than ever before in articulating the work the Forum is undertaking to increase the success of current small cell technologies, while applying knowledge gained to ensure that networks of the future are practical and profitable for all parties concerned. The full ...

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    5. If you have to choose just one MWC event, make it SCF’s 5G Panel

      If you’re heading to Mobile World Congress this year, you’ll be inundated with talk of 5G. Whether you are eager to be in the first wave of 5G by 2020, or see it as a long term option for your organization, you may find the sheer volume of information at MWC bewildering. In that case, one event will be essential to make sense of it all – Small Cell Forum’s 5G Panel debate, which will take place on our stand in Hall 7 at 4pm on Tuesday March 28.

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    6. Density, enterprise wireless and 5G: SCF is solving MNOs’ greatest challenges

      SCF Chair David Orloff (AT&T) reflects on the build up to his first Mobile World Congress.

      I am very excited about my first Mobile World Congress as chair of Small Cell Forum. More than ever before, SCF’s work will be at the heart of the agenda in Barcelona, and we have so much progress to share with the broad mobile industry.

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    7. Launching the Enterprise Advisory Council

      Small Cell Forum is creating an Enterprise Advisory Council (EAC) to help deepen industry links with the Enterprise market – and we want your input.

      The EAC will be a core part of the work by our Enterprise Task Force which seeks to foster understanding and encourage the use of small cell technology within the Enterprise (including Hospitality, Healthcare, Property Management and others). The campaign comprises a range of targeted marketing material, PR pieces and engagement with industry events, all designed to forge greater ties with the Enterprise industry.

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    8. A landmark year for small cells, and exciting challenges ahead for the Forum

      SCF Chair David Orloff rounds up a landmark year for small cells.

      Looking back on 2016, it’s clear that this has been a landmark year for SCF, and of course for me, having taken over the chair’s role in September. It is a real privilege to be chairing the Forum just as the small cell industry heads into a hugely significant new phase of its history. In 2017, we will see densification, expanded enterprise deployments and the prospect of 5G, all accelerating adoption and shaping new platforms. All of these new technologies will rely heavily of small cells.

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    9. UK needn’t wait for 5G to start improving its mobile coverage

      The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has criticized the level of coverage achieved so far with 4G and urged early action to improve service availability, including preparation for 5G. The organization’s report particularly highlighted the role small cells will play in providing good services in urban areas, and on roads and railways, where the NIC says cellular coverage is “frankly appalling”. Small Cell Forum welcomes the NIC’s report because it highlights that excellent mobile coverage is no longer a luxury, but essential to social and economic activity, whether people are indoors, outdoors or on the move. It ...

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    10. Small Cell Forum’s Workshop brings 5G a few steps closer to reality

      At Small Cell Forum, we have set ourselves an ambitious roadmap to ensure our members have their say throughout the process of defining 5G. Whatever that turns out to be, we know it will rely heavily on small cells, and so the Forum has an important role to play to influence standards and facilitate smooth deployment paths for service providers.The broad support for these goals was very clear when chair David Orloff led a 5G workshop to kick off the Small Cells World Summit Americas conference in Dallas. The event was not only packed, but saw vocal and positive ...

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    11. Latest Small Cell Forum Release removes the mystique around virtualization

      Download the latest documents from SCF via www.scf.io

      Network virtualization is one of the hottest topics in telecoms, but particularly when it comes to the access network, it often seems technically complex, risky and downright undeployable.

      Yet virtualized RAN is not all about futuristic architectures requiring miles of fiber. In the small cell environment, it is deployable today, and can revolutionize the economics of rolling out large numbers of cells, in certain dense urban or indoor enterprise locations. 

      Small Cell Forum’s latest Release is designed to dispel some of the myths about virtualization and provide the guidelines ...

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    12. Have your say on the Forum’s 5G roadmap – join our Dallas workshop

      Many vendors and operators are already starting to prepare for 5G, even if the standards have not yet been agreed. That is because most expect the road to 5G to be a continuous process, with the radio change being just one step, and often a late one. Before that, dense small cell HetNets, virtualization and IoT networks will be some of the steps towards 5G.

      If your organization is trying to make sense of all these options, or already putting together your roadmap to 5G, Small Cell Forum’s 5G Workshop, led by new chair David Orloff of AT&T ...

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    13. Small Cell Forum calls upon telecoms regulators to enable rapid deployment of dense HetNets for 5G

      Industry body lobbies for globally consistent and supportive regulation for small cells

      London -  October 19th 2016 - Small Cell Forum (SCF) today called upon industry regulators to help build a consistent and supportive regulatory environment for the deployment of dense HetNets worldwide. In the absence of the necessary frameworks to enable next generation network roll-outs, SCF warns that 5G deployments are likely to be significantly impacted. 

      To support this initiative, SCF is developing different best practice guidelines for states, regulators and municipalities in North America in collaboration with 5G Americas, in Latin America in collaboration with the GSMA, and through ...

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    14. Streamlining small cell approval processes: have your say on a vital initiative

      SCF are hosting a call on small cell deployment issues this Wednesday 19 October at 4pm BST. Non members are encouraged to get in touch if you would like to participate.

      Without a streamlined, cost-effective process for getting small cells approved and deployed, the economics of our industry are compromised. As operators embark on densification projects, it will be even more crucial that small cells can be planned and rolled out in a uniform way, with minimum red tape. But in many areas, local and national regulations are standing in the way of large-scale deployment.

      Small Cell Forum has a ...

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    15. Small Cell Forum Operator and Vendor Members Collaborate to Combat 5G Fragmentation

      Members including AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and Vodafone collaborate to lay foundations for next generation networks, targeting industry harmonization

      London, 6th October 2016 – Small Cell Forum (SCF) has hosted its first dedicated 5G vendor and operator workshop, bringing together leading industry players to progress the enabling technologies for next generation networks. Championing interoperability and consistency in the development of key enabling technologies, SCF has a vital role to play ensuring the industry avoids fragmentation on the path to 5G.

      Workshop participants included AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Microsemi, Nokia, Parallel Wireless, SpiderCloud and Vodafone. The session was led by ...

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    16. Small Cell Forum Announces New Board and Members to Support Path to 5G

      New members, including Samsung, Corning and ZTE to join Forum’s new work programs including the deployment of hyperdense networks and digital enterprise

      London, 20th September 2016 – Small Cell Forum (SCF) has welcomed 18 new members from across the wireless and Internet ecosystems, further expanding the organisation’s breadth of expertise, and strengthening its work in laying the groundwork for robust and interoperable 5G networks.

      The new members are: Access Technologies (Alphabet), Alpha Wireless, Cirrus Core Networks, Commscope, Corning, ExteNet Systems, Indigo Wireless, Ixia, Kathrein, Luminet, Keysight Technologies, Ranzure Networks, Samsung Electronics America, Sooktha, T-Mobile, Truphone, Viavi Solutions and ...

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    17. TeleWorld launches disruptive response to small cell site challenges

      One of the major barriers to deployment of outdoor small cells is the lack of a standard, streamlined process for identifying and acquiring sites, as well as wildly divergent fee structures for site rental.

      In its mission to lower such barriers and accelerate roll-out of dense networks, Small Cell Forum has identified site costs and processes as a key priority in its work program. We know that, especially in some dense urban scenarios, a radically different approach will be required to achieve the right economics for operators. So it was interesting to see one such approach proposed by TeleWorld Solutions ...

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