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    1. SCF's first ever Densification Summit, Mumbai 4 - 5 October

      Densification is the most important trend in mobile network deployment, and few markets are densifying with such dramatic impact as India. With the prospect of subscriber numbers hitting one billion before the end of the decade, operators have no choice but to add capacity and coverage as rapidly and cost-effectively as they can. This is why Small Cell Forum’s first ever Densification Summit, and its first ever event in India, are coinciding on October 4-5 in Mumbai. It is open to members and non-members alike, and the programme will be a packed one, enabling attendees to hear the experiences ...

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    2. SCF Plenary: Partnerships will be vital to India’s mobile future

      The timing couldn’t be better for Small Cell Forum to hold its first major event in India. The global spotlight is on this huge market, as it gears up for its first 5G auctions, and as dense mobile networks take a central role in national wireless broadband plans. Like mobile operators round the world, those in India have to strike the right balance between monetizing their 4G investments and preparing for 5G, and they know that partnerships will be critical to getting the economics right.

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    3. Fragmentation will only be averted if many alliances find common ground

      The success of the mobile industry has been built on global standards, and these will be even more vital to the economics of 5G because of the huge numbers of elements involved. Many millions of small cells, and billions of devices, will need to interoperate to support rising mobile usage and a variety of new use cases. This will involve the work of many industry groups and standards bodies, and many of these will be cooperating to accelerate progress, at Small Cell Forum’s first ever Partners’ Day, in Atlanta, Georgia on July 26.

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    4. A plenary with a difference - Partner Day in Atlanta

      Ahead of our summer meeting in Atlanta later this month, Chair David Orloff explains why this is a plenary with a difference.

      It’s only a few weeks until our summer plenary meeting in Atlanta on 26-27 July, and I’m particularly excited about this one. This will be a plenary with a difference, because it will bring together a wide range of our partner organizations to form a collective front in pushing the industry forward to hyperdense networks, cellular-everywhere and 5G

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    5. US president lends support to address small cell siting challenges

      US president lends support to address small cell siting challenges

      The issues of small cell siting are grabbing attention all the way up to the White House.

      President Donald Trump received a briefing from mobile operator CEOs last week, and was told that the complexities of getting site approval could be a barrier to US dreams of 5G leadership. He pledged to support measures to streamline the process, some of which are already being pushed by the FCC in its recent, but hotly debated, proposals. 

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    6. Shanghai Day Two: Empowering the next 3 billion

      The theme of MWC Shanghai 2017 is the Human Element, recognizing the needs of people and communities alongside the tech preoccupations that often dominate industry narrative.  In yesterday’s keynote, GSMA Chair Sunil Bharti Mittal went as far as to say that, without the support of the mobile industry, the UN has little chance meeting its Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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    7. Evolution not revolution at MWC Shanghai

      MWC Shanghai opened with the usual flares, beats and robotic dancers, but as always with China it’s the eye watering numbers that stick in the memory. At a time when GSMA is reporting that in June 2017 the mobile industry signed up its 5 billionth unique subscriber, it’s sobering to note that a fifth of those subscribers reside in China and more than half are in the Asia Pacific region.

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    8. Taipei – SCF and ITRI run inspiring events around shared 5G vision

      Taiwan was the setting for two exciting events for Small Cell Forum last week. We co-hosted a 5G workshop with Taiwan’s famous technology R&D institute, ITRI, which attracted high-impact speakers from operators and vendors in the region to share their views on the role of small cells in 5G. This was run in parallel with the latest SCF plugfest, also conducted in partnership with ITRI, which focused on private evolved packet core (EPC), an important enabling technology for a host of enterprise small cell use cases.

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    9. SCF All member update: Roadmaps and Atlanta Plenary

      Thinking about coming to the Atlanta plenary, but not sure if it’s relevant to you? SCF are holding a member only webinar Friday 23 June to share our agenda for Atlanta and discuss some of the highlights of our roadmap towards 5G. The meeting will be essential for anyone who wants to influence the evolution of the industry – and network with those organizations driving those changes forward.

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    10. SCWS 2017: Forum celebrates tenth anniversary and annual awards

      The Small Cells World Summit is always a highlight of the year, bringing together so many players in the sector to exchange experiences and show off the latest innovations. This year was particularly significant as Small Cell Forum is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

      This provoked some trips down memory lane, but mainly a recognition of how far the market, and the platform, have evolved in the past decade. It was important to mark the achievements so far, especially at the annual SCF awards. As always, this was a great occasion, with the awards more hotly contested than ever. The shortlisted ...

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    11. Small Cell Forum Marks 10th Anniversary with Detailed Plans on Commercializing Hyperdense Networks for 4G, 5G and IoT

      Industry organization celebrates its leadership role in changing the shape of mobile networks and outlines how operators can successfully densify networks both now and in the future 

      SCWS London, UK – 23 May 2017 - Small Cell Forum today marks its tenth anniversary by completing Release 9, providing operators with a comprehensive blueprint for densification of today’s networks and laying foundations for future 5G systems. The new documents include:  

      • outlines of hyperdense network architectures;  

      • the managed use of shared spectrum and CBRS;  

      • an installation guide to achieving RF compliance developed with IEC and GSMA ...

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    12. Small Cell Forum Announces Enterprise Advisory Council with Founding Members Including CBRE, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, Marriott International, Texas A&M University and WeWork

      Enterprise Advisory Council Draws Membership from Across Enterprise Spectrum to Promote and Drive Delivery of High-Quality, Ubiquitous Cellular Coverage 

      London, UK – 16 May 2017 - Small Cell Forum (SCF) has today announced the launch of its Enterprise Advisory Council (EAC), focused on deepening industry ties, and working alongside businesses and institutions to help solve the issue of poor cellular coverage. The Council is a collaborative effort to bring together the Forum’s cellular industry members and businesses to provoke discussion, articulate the benefits of digitized enterprise networks and drive small cell deployments.

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    13. Busy Q1 achieves real progress towards mass-scale small cell deployment

      The first quarter of 2017 has been a momentous one for the small cell industry. Operators’ need to densify their networks is becoming urgent in many markets, and the momentum behind enterprise and city deployments continues to grow. So it was no surprise than many developments were heavily focused on practical issues of rolling out small cells at huge scale.

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    14. SCF Cannes plenary: a packed agenda as small cell momentum grows apace

      Back from Cannes, SCF Chair David Orloff reflects on a busy plenary.

      Small Cell Forum members gathered in large numbers in the sunshine of the French Riviera last week, for the latest plenary meeting in Cannes. The agenda was a crowded one, reflecting the large numbers of scenarios in which small cells are now being deployed, and some important decisions were made to help keep up the momentum which is gathering behind enterprise and urban deployments.

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    15. TIA survey highlights 5G challenges, and why the Forum’s program is crucial

      A new survey highlights the gulf between mobile operators’ 5G ambitions and their deployment realities, especially when it comes to densification.

      The report, commissioned by the Telecoms Industry Association (TIA) and InterDigital, found that 33% of operators aim to start deploying commercial 5G services by 2020. However, this will only be possible if several challenges are addressed.

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    16. Calling hospitality players – a better mobile signal can transform customer satisfaction

      Hospitality is one of the industries in which a good mobile signal is most crucial to business success. Being able to make an unbroken voice or Skype call home is one of the most important ways in which customers rate their experience in a hotel or restaurant. If they have to go outside to get a signal, that can cancel out all the investments in luxury furnishings and attentive staff. Today, one-third of leisure travellers say they will not return to a hotel with inadequate wireless access, and this figure rises to 67% for business travellers. While nearly everyone in ...

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    17. Don’t miss out on the best chance this year to set the HetNet agenda

      A reminder from SCF Chair David Orloff, to register for the Cannes plenary

      Make sure you have your place secured at Small Cell Forum’s plenary meeting, to be held in Cannes in just two weeks’ time. This will be a vital event for all members to attend, and your chance to shape the Forum’s agenda for enterprise expansion and for the road to 5G. You can register here»

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