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    Faster cell service coming to Amarillo at high cost to city CBRS battle will have more winners than losers T-Mobile fires up LTE-A in 920 markets, Gigabit LTE in 430 markets - FierceWireless Sprint renews network focus with tri-band push Verizon Plans To Save $10B Through 2020 With Virtualization - Android Headlines Lake Forest Grapples With Cell Transmitter Upgrades - VoiceofOC Denver puts up a new version of cell towers because so many people are using phones - 9NEWS Ericsson to deploy gigabit LTE in Switzerland Telstra plans capex cuts in 2020 AT&T to Make 5G Network Available to First Responders Too VEON trials LAA, viewing tech as a bridge to 5G - Mobile Europe FCC's newest commissioner picked to lead small cell deployment reform - FierceWireless