1. Calling out for convergence

    Calling out for convergenceCRN - UKGlobal revenue from FMC network element equipment and femtocell kit will continue growing healthily through the economic turmoil, claimed Infonetics. ...
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    1. The ability of smartphones to deliver collaboration offers huge opportunity to make a more flexible workforce and drive real cost savings.
    2. In 2008, the focus from vendors and operators on increasing their smartphone portfolios was strong.
    3. If you talk to Cisco or Microsoft, you get a very learned discussion.
    4. The fixed-line and mobile worlds are used to forward-buying their business on the assumption that the customer will appear.
    5. Neither will be completely familiar with offering voice and data on the same platform.
    6. It offers a way for resellers to broaden their portfolios and get into new markets.
    7. Most data and telephony specialists do not understand the convergence piece.
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