1. Carriers talk network strategy for 5G, unlimited

    Carriers talk network strategy for 5G, unlimited

    The CEOs of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon laid out some of the key points driving their network strategies at last week’s Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference. Verizon continued its laser-focus on its network, particularly on laying the groundwork (or fiber, in this case) for 5G; AT&T aims to make gigabit network speeds more ubiquitous as well as reap value from becoming a major digital media company with the acquisition of Time Warner; and Sprint discussed its continuing turnaround and the shift it is making toward more aggressive network upgrades now that the company as a whole is a ...

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    1. There is a lot of things working to our advantage, and I will say, finally, the brand is turning.
    2. We are huge believers in unlimited.
    3. We are going to be able to have by far, the most capacity of any U.S. carrier.
    4. The time has come now to expand our coverage, and basically to make sure that every single one of our towers have basically three sites.
    5. We are creating a media and communications telecom and technology company that we think is going to be really, really unique. And I think this is a trend in terms of industry that you are going to see more of.
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