1. Chunghwa Telecom Trials NB-IoT With Ericsson

    Chunghwa Telecom Trials NB-IoT With Ericsson

    Ericsson builds end-to-end NB-IoT system for Chunghwa Telecom.

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    1. Ericsson has long been our leading network provider and has demonstrated the strong device life-cycle management and integration capabilities that are required for a system of this type. NB-IoT technology is one of our primary focuses in 2017, and we are keen to explore more opportunities based on the new technology.
    2. This agreement represents a real milestone for both companies, and shows that we have made rapid progress since signing a 5G memorandum of understanding during Mobile World Congress 2017. Together we will identify 5G use cases and applications for the digital transformation of industry verticals such as transportation and utilities.
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