1. World moving toward first ever global mobile standard

    World moving toward first ever global mobile standardElectronicsWeekly.comThe use of small cells and femtocells could play a part in the rollout of 4G networks, but Leicher said his has yet to be fully convinced how important femtocells will be in the rollout of LTE. An area where he thinks there could be future developments ...
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    1. The biggest investment is in LTE right now, US operators are looking to trial it.
    2. It will be the first truly global standard and what is interesting is the convergence path from existing technologies to LTE.
    3. It is a global standard for the first time.
    4. LTE should solve the data issue from an access point of view, so why not phase out 3G (which is struggling to meet data demand) and keep 2G networks for basic voice services.
    5. Integrating broadcast and mobile networks; there is some thinking about this.
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