1. Femtocells Go WAN

    Femtocells Go WANElectronicsWeekly.comFemtocells are being deployed in rural areas in Japan to provide data coverage to local users, Pete Keevil, founder and CTO of leading femtocell supplier ...
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    1. In Japan they're putting a few of our femtocells in a box the size of a mini-bar fridge and sticking it on the top of a concrete pole to provide coverage in rural areas
      By Pete Keevil
    2. For an office LAN you can put in a bunch of femtocells to support a business space of any size
      By Pete Keevil
    3. The breakthrough product was 3G, and the magic number for cost was $100 - so it would be as cheap as WiFi - though femtocell is a more complicated technology, now we're working actively with, predominantly, Taiwanese partners, and we're ramping up production in China.
      By Pete Keevil
    4. Now eight users is standard for residential users and they're growing in capacity quite rapidly
      By Pete Keevil
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