1. Ericsson Unveils 5G NR Radio

    Ericsson Unveils 5G NR Radio

    Ericsson has announced the first commercial 5G New Radio (NR) radio plus a number of new additions to the Ericsson Radio System.

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    1. Massive-MIMO, also known as 3D MIMO, is an important milestone in China Mobile's technology roadmap from 4G to 5G. We are very happy that Ericsson's new radio product is coming to market soon to meet our needs and enable us to integrate 5G technologies into our existing networks.
    2. On the road to 5G, we will continue to invest in LTE advancements that will become part of our 5G networks. For us, it is key that Ericsson has chosen to focus on advances that will support us in this evolution. These enhancements will further improve the customer experience.
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