1. NEC and TDC partner to deploy Danish femto network

    by Kendrick Struthers-Watson Denmark’s largest mobile operator, TDC, has joined with NEC to work together for the potential roll-out of the NEC femtocell ...
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    1. The idea will be to offer and extension of the macro service into the home and what that does is to use the full capacity of the handset has available to it. There are lots of HSPA handsets out there now and the Blackberry. iPhones and PDA's are capable of much more than texting and calling so the triallists will be able to use high capacity, high bandwidth applications on the handsets rather that being restricted to 100/200k on the macro network and causing congestion for all other users on it. They'll be taken away from that expensive resource and put onto something the operator does not pay for himself whether it's a DSL or cable broadband connection and allows them to use as much of that capacity as they want to the handset.
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