1. 2009 predictions: Dropping an F bomb

    "Dropping an 'F' bomb": the new expression in the Total Telecom office for any mention of the word "femtocell". And femtocells featured more than once when ...
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    1. People working on a viable femtocells business model still won't get anywhere. Operators will run out of patience and either embark on ill-fated commercial launches, or abandon any notion of a femtocells proposition altogether.
    2. The Internet will not fall over due to a deluge of data and insufficient operator investment in network capacity.
    3. Telepresence will not take off in 2009.
    4. The financial turmoil will hit carriers, system vendors and component players hard.
    5. Nortel will either go bankrupt or sell off all networking businesses and just retain its enterprise operations. It could then be bought by a larger company.
    6. Mid-tier handset manufacturers will continue to have a rough time. We can expect to see a wider range of mini PCs subsidised by mobile operators.
    7. Motorola will find any way it can out of the mobile handset business, probably by spinning off its devices business... to a museum.
    8. LTE trials will continue but operators are likely to hold off on investment in networks. We could instead see moves increasingly to HSPA+.
    9. Skype will become increasingly popular as a recession-busting way to beat mobile charges - 3 UK's best seller.
    10. A move to unseat U.S. president-elect Barack Obama seems unlikely, although not impossible, but North American telco execs should be on their guard.
    11. Microsoft will explore other ways it can compete with Google.
    12. Deployments of PON will go 10 Gbps and Ethernet will go 100 Gbps.
    13. China will trigger a global trade war after finally handing out its mega-dollar 3G vendor contracts, but giving all the business to Huawei and ZTE.
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