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    1. Mobile Infrastructure Market Hits $11.4 Billion in Q2; LTE Up 10% from Year Ago, Reports IHS

      Mobile Infrastructure Market Hits $11.4 Billion in Q2; LTE Up 10% from Year Ago, Reports IHS

      CAMPBELL, CA --(Marketwired - September 03, 2015) - Driven by strong 3G W-CDMA capacity projects in EMEA and unabated LTE activity in China, the global macrocell mobile infrastructure market was up 2 percent in the 2 nd quarter of 2015 (2Q15) from the prior quarter, and up 2 percent year-over-year, according to the IHS Infonetics Mobile Infrastructure Equipment report from IHS ( NYSE : IHS ).

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    2. Champions’ Day: 5GPPP Chief to provide unique insights into 5G + IoT

      The official standards process may not have begun, but 5G is a very real issue for most mobile operators already. After all, the first deployments could be as little as five years away, which in an MNO’s planning, is just around the corner. In that context, one of the sessions to be held next week at the Small Cell Forum’s Champions Day will be particularly essential for anyone trying to make sense of 5G and how it relates to real world business cases.

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    3. Cellular Capacity and Coverage Optimization Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 - 20

      The network coverage of these small cells varies from 10 meter to a few hundred meters. There are basically three types of small cells, namely, picocells, femtocells and microcells. These small cells differ in the coverage range and deployment site.

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    4. 5 Big Data Analytics Predictions For Telecom

      5 Big Data Analytics Predictions For Telecom

      The applications of big data continue to be an ongoing transformative force across a number of industries, including telecom. RCR rounds up some of the 2015 predictions and recent reports that

      1. IDC has said that big data is part of its so-called Third Platform consisting of cloud, mobile, social, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and that this year will mark a shift to the “innovation stage” with an “explosion of innovation and value creation on top of the 3rd Platform’s foundation.”

      IDC’s predictions for big data in 2015 include a total market for software ...

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    5. Cisco, Tektronix partner with Ericsson on OSS platform

      Cisco, Tektronix partner with Ericsson on OSS platform

      The movement to align operating support system platforms received a boost this week as Ericsson said it has licensed its OSS interfaces for integration to Cisco Systems and Tektronix Communications.

      The three-year deals call for Cisco to use the platform for its self-optimized network product, with Tektronics using the platform for its TrueCall geoanalytics service. The contracts began in August.

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    6. Nokia Networks offers comprehensive analysis, design and planning to optimize traffic in urban indoor and outdoor areas

      Small cells complement macro networks Nokia Networks' small cell base stations have the same software and ... Ooredoo Qatar, Nokia Networks and China Mobile showcased record-breaking speeds of 4.1 Gbps over an LTE network. Ooredoo Qatar and Nokia Networks ...

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    7. Radisys’ MediaEngine™ Virtualized Media Resource Function Wins 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

      Virtualized multimedia processing solution leads the industry with less than five percent performance degradation when deployed in virtualized environments HILLSBORO, OR, U.S. – August 31, 2015 – Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), the services acceleration company, today announced that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has awarded Radisys’ Virtualized Media Resource Function (vMRF), a 2015 Communications […]

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