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    1. Surprise! AT&T Markets 4G Advances as '5G Evolution'

      Surprise! AT&T Markets 4G Advances as '5G Evolution'

      Well, c'mon, you knew this was gonna happen right? AT&T is marketing upgrades to its 4G LTE network as a "5G Evolution." The updates will be available to Samsung Corp. S8 and S8+ users in Austin, Texas from today. AT&T promises to light up 20 major metro areas with this evolution by the end of 2017. Now, the S8 is the cutting-edge 4G LTE-Advanced phone of the moment, but it sure ain't a 5G phone. How do I know?

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    1. Busy Q1 achieves real progress towards mass-scale small cell deployment

      The first quarter of 2017 has been a momentous one for the small cell industry. Operators’ need to densify their networks is becoming urgent in many markets, and the momentum behind enterprise and city deployments continues to grow. So it was no surprise than many developments were heavily focused on practical issues of rolling out small cells at huge scale.

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    2. SCF Cannes plenary: a packed agenda as small cell momentum grows apace

      Back from Cannes, SCF Chair David Orloff reflects on a busy plenary.

      Small Cell Forum members gathered in large numbers in the sunshine of the French Riviera last week, for the latest plenary meeting in Cannes. The agenda was a crowded one, reflecting the large numbers of scenarios in which small cells are now being deployed, and some important decisions were made to help keep up the momentum which is gathering behind enterprise and urban deployments.

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