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    1. California’s small cell bill is one step away from becoming law

      California’s small cell bill is one step away from becoming law

      The signature of Governor Jerry Brown is all that California’s Senate Bill 649 needs to become the law of the land in the nation’s most populous state. Senator Ben Hueso’s bill originally passed the Senate with almost unanimous support, then was amended and passed by the California Assembly, and then passed again by the Senate. It was presented to Governor Brown September 21, and he has until October 15 to sign it or veto it.

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    2. Italy making moves on 5G with spectrum allocation

      Italy making moves on 5G with spectrum allocation

      Italian operators TIM and Fastweb, together with Chinese vendor Huawei, said the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has awarded  spectrum in the 3.6-3.8 GHz frequencies to trial 5G technologies in the cities of Bari and Matera.

      The three companies submitted a joint plan as lead partners in coordination with 52 international, national and local bodies–including university centers, leading ICT companies and businesses operating in vertical markets.

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    3. Analyst Angle: Learning to share

      Analyst Angle: Learning to share

      The benefits of coordinated shared spectrum Mobile network operators (MNOs) continually strive to quench their customers’ seemingly inexhaustible thirst for data, and their response to this relentless growth in mobile data traffic is to improve network capacity and performance. This can be done in any or all of three ways. Network performance can be increased by improving spectral efficiency using the latest access protocols with advanced modulation and coding schemes.

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    1. SCF's first ever Densification Summit, Mumbai 4 - 5 October

      Densification is the most important trend in mobile network deployment, and few markets are densifying with such dramatic impact as India. With the prospect of subscriber numbers hitting one billion before the end of the decade, operators have no choice but to add capacity and coverage as rapidly and cost-effectively as they can. This is why Small Cell Forum’s first ever Densification Summit, and its first ever event in India, are coinciding on October 4-5 in Mumbai. It is open to members and non-members alike, and the programme will be a packed one, enabling attendees to hear the experiences ...

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    2. SCF Plenary: Partnerships will be vital to India’s mobile future

      The timing couldn’t be better for Small Cell Forum to hold its first major event in India. The global spotlight is on this huge market, as it gears up for its first 5G auctions, and as dense mobile networks take a central role in national wireless broadband plans. Like mobile operators round the world, those in India have to strike the right balance between monetizing their 4G investments and preparing for 5G, and they know that partnerships will be critical to getting the economics right.

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