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    1. DC5G Summit Announces Speakers on the Summit Program

      The DC5G Summit is pleased to announce the following speakers for the inaugural event, taking place October 11 at the Renaissance Downtown hotel in Washington D.C. The DC5G Summit brings together a variety of cellular, satellite, telecom and policy thought leaders to discuss four key 5G components – infrastructure, standards, security and spectrum.

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    2. Nokia leading new group focused on 5G network slicing

      Nokia leading new group focused on 5G network slicing

      Network slicing, seen as a key 5G enabler, partitions a single physical layer into multiple virtual networks. With this technology, operators can essentially provide optimal support for any type of application on a network-as-a-service basis. Whether it’s a internet of things smart meter sending small, intermittent transmissions or a mission critical service like remote industrial control requiring high capacity and low latency, a bespoke network slice would be automatically created to fit the exact needs–nothing more, nothing less; this enhances operational efficiencies and speeds time-too-market.

      To help drive the development of network slicing, 5G-PPP (the 5G Infrastructure Public ...

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    1. Fragmentation will only be averted if many alliances find common ground

      The success of the mobile industry has been built on global standards, and these will be even more vital to the economics of 5G because of the huge numbers of elements involved. Many millions of small cells, and billions of devices, will need to interoperate to support rising mobile usage and a variety of new use cases. This will involve the work of many industry groups and standards bodies, and many of these will be cooperating to accelerate progress, at Small Cell Forum’s first ever Partners’ Day, in Atlanta, Georgia on July 26.

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    2. A plenary with a difference - Partner Day in Atlanta

      Ahead of our summer meeting in Atlanta later this month, Chair David Orloff explains why this is a plenary with a difference.

      It’s only a few weeks until our summer plenary meeting in Atlanta on 26-27 July, and I’m particularly excited about this one. This will be a plenary with a difference, because it will bring together a wide range of our partner organizations to form a collective front in pushing the industry forward to hyperdense networks, cellular-everywhere and 5G

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