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    1. World Radiocommunication Conference 2015: Two important spectrum decisions for small cells

      The WRC-15 Conference took place during most of November, and sought to achieve a difficult balancing act between the spectrum requirements of different sectors such as mobile broadband, satellite and broadcasting. Two of its outcomes were important for small cells: the global harmonisation of the 3.5 GHz band for mobile broadband, and the decision to consider bands above 24 GHz for mobile broadband on the agenda for consideration by the next WRC, in 2019. The higher the frequency, the more the spectrum becomes the preserve of small cells, and both these decisions will help to open up more capacity ...

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    2. Wanted: Enterprise and multi-operator case studies for Release 6

      We are looking for case studies of small cell deployments in enterprise vertical markets, and those supporting multi-operator capabilities. So if any of you have deployed small cells in these contexts, the Forum would love to hear from you. The aim is to collect a broad sample of case studies. These can relate to any vertical sector but must be real commercial roll-outs, completed or in process. Small Cell Forum will share the experiences of early adopters, to ensure wider adoption can be accelerated.

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