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    1. Ericsson, Telstra test 5G trial system in Australia

      Ericsson, Telstra test 5G trial system in Australia

      Swedish vendor Ericsson and Australian telecommunications firm Telstra have carried out an outdoor test of a 5G trial system in Melbourne, Australia.

      The European company said that the trial demonstrated 5G capabilities in a real world environment over a live network, including tests on speed, latency, and beam steering. The 5G trial system used 800 megahertz of spectrum, achieving aggregate speeds of over 20 Gbps.

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    2. Sprint Boss Discusses Network Densification Efforts

      Sprint Boss Discusses Network Densification Efforts

      Sprint Boss Discusses Network Densification Efforts David Steele Sprint’s Chief Executive Officer, Marcelo Claure, has been discussing their network strategy on a call with investors. During the call, Marcelo commented on Sprint’s current strategy of investing into small cell sites in order to densify its network, which follows comments and observations taken from the start of the year.

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    3. What steps regional providers need to take as they fight to survive

      What steps regional providers need to take as they fight to survive

      Competition in the telecommunications space continues to grow thanks to technology advances that have allowed almost any company to enter the space in one form or another. While large, established telecom operators have the depth of networks and finances to compete and thrive, many smaller players are being forced into uncomfortable operating positions in order to prevent business losses, let alone maintain operations.

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    1. Small Cell Forum Announces New Board and Members to Support Path to 5G

      New members, including Samsung, Corning and ZTE to join Forum’s new work programs including the deployment of hyperdense networks and digital enterprise

      London, 20th September 2016 – Small Cell Forum (SCF) has welcomed 18 new members from across the wireless and Internet ecosystems, further expanding the organisation’s breadth of expertise, and strengthening its work in laying the groundwork for robust and interoperable 5G networks.

      The new members are: Access Technologies (Alphabet), Alpha Wireless, Cirrus Core Networks, Commscope, Corning, ExteNet Systems, Indigo Wireless, Ixia, Kathrein, Luminet, Keysight Technologies, Ranzure Networks, Samsung Electronics America, Sooktha, T-Mobile, Truphone, Viavi Solutions and ...

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    2. TeleWorld launches disruptive response to small cell site challenges

      One of the major barriers to deployment of outdoor small cells is the lack of a standard, streamlined process for identifying and acquiring sites, as well as wildly divergent fee structures for site rental.

      In its mission to lower such barriers and accelerate roll-out of dense networks, Small Cell Forum has identified site costs and processes as a key priority in its work program. We know that, especially in some dense urban scenarios, a radically different approach will be required to achieve the right economics for operators. So it was interesting to see one such approach proposed by TeleWorld Solutions ...

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    3. Forum to set critical priorities for 5G at Rome Workshop

      New blog from Chair elect David Orloff on our up and coming 5G workshop

      The Small Cell Forum has a vital role to play in the development of 5G, which will have small cells at its heart. If your organization will be impacted at all by future wireless networks, our 5G Workshop, held at the Forum’s European Plenary in Rome on September 15, will be an essential event.

      I believe that fragmentation is one of the biggest risks to 5G achieving its aims in full. Proprietary and pre-standard efforts, and closed-doors partnerships, threaten the creation of a unified platform ...

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