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    1. Champions' Day will mark a new phase in the Forum's work

      The Small Cell Forum is to hold its first ever Open Day on September 8th, during our 30th plenary meeting in Rome. This represents a dragonfly moment for the organisation – after so much hard work, much of it carried out under the surface, it is time for the Forum to come out of the chrysalis and show off its achievements in the full sunshine.

      The Champions' Day will celebrate what the Forum and its members have accomplished so far, while also providing inspiration to fuel future efforts, and to facilitate the new partnerships those will require. The event ...

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    2. Small Cells Champions Day – the hot topics

      We've invited every major European operator to a special open day 8 September in Rome. Our Small Cells Champions Day, the first day of our 30th Plenary, is open to both members and non-members. The aim is for small cell pioneers from the world's leading carriers to share their successes and deployment experiences in a state of the market workshop. We'll also be discussing the hot topics that comprise our technology roadmap. These are detailed below. If you would like to be part of this discussion, you can register here to join us. Or you can let ...

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    3. LTE in 5 GHz – too good a chance for small cells to miss

      By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Rethink Technology Research

      LTE in unlicensed spectrum – killer of the free spirit of WiFi, or enabler of new services and quality of experience in the 5 GHz band?

      The question was probably the most hotly debated one at the recent Small Cells World Summit in London, though the viewpoints varied markedly if one wandered from that largely cellular-oriented conference to its co-located event, the Carrier WiFi World Summit. And anyone who feared unlicensed LTE fatigue might have set in by Friday, when the Small Cell Forum held a workshop on the topic, need not have ...

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