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    1. A Sluggish Start--But Wireless Backhaul Will Grow Ten-fold by 2020

      A Sluggish Start--But Wireless Backhaul Will Grow Ten-fold by 2020 [December 08, 2016] Tweet CAMPBELL, Calif. , Dec. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile Experts LLC has released fresh numbers and analysis that explain why the wireless backhaul market has started out slow, then how it will rise over the next four years. Fixed Wireless Access is also covered in the annual Mobile Experts breakdown of backhaul, fronthaul, and midhaul for small cells.

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    1. Small Cell Forum’s Workshop brings 5G a few steps closer to reality

      At Small Cell Forum, we have set ourselves an ambitious roadmap to ensure our members have their say throughout the process of defining 5G. Whatever that turns out to be, we know it will rely heavily on small cells, and so the Forum has an important role to play to influence standards and facilitate smooth deployment paths for service providers.The broad support for these goals was very clear when chair David Orloff led a 5G workshop to kick off the Small Cells World Summit Americas conference in Dallas. The event was not only packed, but saw vocal and positive ...

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    2. Latest Small Cell Forum Release removes the mystique around virtualization

      Download the latest documents from SCF via www.scf.io

      Network virtualization is one of the hottest topics in telecoms, but particularly when it comes to the access network, it often seems technically complex, risky and downright undeployable.

      Yet virtualized RAN is not all about futuristic architectures requiring miles of fiber. In the small cell environment, it is deployable today, and can revolutionize the economics of rolling out large numbers of cells, in certain dense urban or indoor enterprise locations. 

      Small Cell Forum’s latest Release is designed to dispel some of the myths about virtualization and provide the guidelines ...

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