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    1. AT&T, Ericsson and Other Market Leaders Join the CBRS Alliance

      Twelve more companies join Alliance to solve wireless data demands and make LTE-based solutions widely available SUNNYVALE, Calif. --(BUSINESS WIRE) The CBRS Alliance announced today that Accelleran, Airspan Networks, American Tower Corp., AT&T, Baicells, CableLabs, Ericsson, ExteNet Systems, Nsight, Ranzure Networks, Rise Broadband, and ZTE USA have joined the Alliance to drive technology development and adoption of LTE-based solutions for the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

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    2. AT&T outlines 5G network architecture

      AT&T outlines 5G network architecture

      AUSTIN, Texas – AT&T outlined a vision for 5G networks using millimeter wave technology at this year’s Texas Wireless Summit. The carrier also demonstrated its 5G network technology with Ericsson.

      Arunabha Ghosh, director of wireless communications at AT&T Labs, said millimeter wave spectrum is plentiful but can be difficult to use. He said that due to noise limitations, power amplifiers are less efficient in millimeter wave networks than they are in lower bands.

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    1. Have your say on the Forum’s 5G roadmap – join our Dallas workshop

      Many vendors and operators are already starting to prepare for 5G, even if the standards have not yet been agreed. That is because most expect the road to 5G to be a continuous process, with the radio change being just one step, and often a late one. Before that, dense small cell HetNets, virtualization and IoT networks will be some of the steps towards 5G.

      If your organization is trying to make sense of all these options, or already putting together your roadmap to 5G, Small Cell Forum’s 5G Workshop, led by new chair David Orloff of AT&T ...

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    2. Small Cell Forum calls upon telecoms regulators to enable rapid deployment of dense HetNets for 5G

      Industry body lobbies for globally consistent and supportive regulation for small cells

      London -  October 19th 2016 - Small Cell Forum (SCF) today called upon industry regulators to help build a consistent and supportive regulatory environment for the deployment of dense HetNets worldwide. In the absence of the necessary frameworks to enable next generation network roll-outs, SCF warns that 5G deployments are likely to be significantly impacted. 

      To support this initiative, SCF is developing different best practice guidelines for states, regulators and municipalities in North America in collaboration with 5G Americas, in Latin America in collaboration with the GSMA, and through ...

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    3. Streamlining small cell approval processes: have your say on a vital initiative

      SCF are hosting a call on small cell deployment issues this Wednesday 19 October at 4pm BST. Non members are encouraged to get in touch if you would like to participate.

      Without a streamlined, cost-effective process for getting small cells approved and deployed, the economics of our industry are compromised. As operators embark on densification projects, it will be even more crucial that small cells can be planned and rolled out in a uniform way, with minimum red tape. But in many areas, local and national regulations are standing in the way of large-scale deployment.

      Small Cell Forum has a ...

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