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    1. Forecasters confirm small cells will drive MNO spending this year

      Operators which were in the forefront of LTE roll-out have largely completed their wide area macrocell deployments and are switching their attention – and their dollars – to increasing capacity to support rising usage and new services. But throwing additional capacity at the macro layer is cost-prohibitive. Instead, mobile operators like Verizon and China Mobile are turning to small cells to densify their networks just where capacity is needed, controlling costs and boosting quality of experience.

      Small Cell Forum members are increasingly discussing such plans, and their experiences are borne out by the latest batch of market forecasts for wireless infrastructure spending ...

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    2. Backhaul challenges are being addressed just in time for large-scale HetNets

      From 2016, there will be a sharp uptick in deployments of small cells in enterprise and urban environments, as operators see their LTE macro networks coming under pressure from data traffic that never stops multiplying. In any project to densify networks in areas of high outdoor usage, the issue of backhaul will be central to success.

      Clearly, densification opens up new opportunities for backhaul providers. According to a recent forecast from IHS Technology, the shift from macro layer to small cell deployment by mobile operators will drive total spending of $6.4bn, between 2016 and 2020, on outdoor small cell ...

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    3. Public safety and ‘extreme users’ are pushing small cells to new limits

      In the mobile world, discussion tends to focus on MNOs’ mainstream deployments geared to consumer data and voice. Yet many of the most interesting innovations in the RAN originate from highly specialized use cases in areas like public safety or industrial communications. These demanding applications can stretch a technology to its limits, and those advances can then be fed back into the mainstream to improve performance for everyone.

      This pattern is clearly seen in small cells, which by their nature can be deployed in local clusters which are optimized for a particular application or user base. The Small Cell Forum ...

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